Transformers Timelines Virulent Clones Toy Review

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Transformers Timelines

General Information:
Release Year: September 2005
Retailer: Botcon 2005 Exclusive
Price: $35.00 (for two pack)
Accessories: Claws/Weapon


The primary exclusives for Botcon 2005 were a boxed set of seven figures. However, additional figures were available for sale at the show itself. Among these were a "troop builder" type two pack of the Insecticon Clones featured in the "Descent into Evil" story.

Background Information:
Much of the following information is a repeat of the information given in Buzzclaw's review since the same sculpt was used for both characters. There has been much talk of Buzzclaw being an odd choice when so many other insectoid sculpts exist in Transformers history. The fact of the matter is Buzzclaw was among a list of sculpts that included Beast Wars Insecticon and Scarem. However, Hasbro was unable to produce these tools for Fun Publications to use for the convention. While the toy is a Fuzor with elements of a mantis and a lizard, it is primarily insectoid, making it a good choice for a creepy looking Transformer.

Some may be curious about my reference to the Insecticon "clan" in the tech specs. This came out of an idea that was inspired by G1 having the "deluxe Insecticons" as well as the three original ones. In this universe the Insecticons were a group of insectoid warriors who were able to clone themselves at will as we saw Bombshell, Kickback and Shrapnel do in the G1 TV show. However, as time went along and the "originals" (such as Venom or Barrage) were destroyed, the ability to create clones from them was lost over the generations.

Beast Mode:
Rather than using another variant on the "purple/black/yellow" color scheme (which we did with Buzzclaw and Dirge), the color scheme for the Virulent Clones actually manages to both set them apart from the other Insecticons while still having some color continuity. The continuity occurs in the use of yellow as the spray op color on the parts like the head, legs and tail. Also, the wings and tail pieces have the same red and black colors as Buzzclaw and Dirge do.

The differences come in the rest of the figure's colors. The primary plastic colors are blue and translucent black. Blue makes up part of the back, neck, arms, upper legs and feet on the figure. The head, main body and lower legs are translucent black. The translucent color is different from the others, but it still uses one of the primary Insecticon colors: black. The yellow spray ops over the black help reinforce a connection with Buzzclaw and Dirge, but allows the figure to have its own color personality as well.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, the blue plastic dominates the color scheme a lot more. Essentially the blue parts conslidate against the black, so this is harldy surprising. The robot head is translucent black with yellow deco. In retrospect, giving him red eyes or something may have been nice but the toy looks fantastic. With the shield and claw weapons on the arms, the Clones look great since the red on those parts offers sharp contrast to the black and blue colors.

Final Thoughts:
The Clones were a very limited piece in comparison to the other convention exclusives, so that makes them quite desirable on their own. They also represent somewhat of a rarity among Transformers in the toy world: troop builders. Granted of the three decos used for this sculpt, this ranks third in terms of my preference, but that doesn't make it a bad thing at all.