Transformers Timelines Landquake Toy Review

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Transformers Timelines

General Information:
Release Year: June 2006
Retailer: Transformers Collector's Club Exclusive
Price: Free with fan club membership ($40/year)
Accessories: Dual barreled cannon/combiner robot foot/fist, Energon Star


Landquake is based on the sculpt first released in the Superlink Bruticus gift set as both Brawl and Swindle. That set gave the figure two different decos for the two characters. They would later be released as part of the Energon toy line as Kickback and Blight respectively. Read through the Brawl review for a detailed look at this figure. This review will focus on the changes made for this release.

Landquake is part of a team of combiners being released once a year by the Transformers fan club. Skyfall was the first, released in 2005. Landquake is the second, with three more to go in the years to come. While it may seem incongruous for an Autobot and Decepticon to be part of a combiner team, the club has promised that in time the story will explain what circumstances brought this unusual team up about.

Vehicle Mode:
One of the criticisms Skyfall received last year was his distinct lack of deco. However, it should be understood that Skyfall was very much rushed into production. With the fan club, a convention and the figure to create, not a lot of time was available for establishing a deco pattern. However, with Landquake there was time to plan one out. The plan for Landquake's deco pattern was to mingle aspects of both Brawl and Swindle's patterns along with addition details not present on either figure.

Whereas Skyfall's primary color was translucent blue, Landquake's is translucent red. The bulk of the main body of the tank is cast in this color. The turret section is a combination of metallic grey and blue plastic. The treads have been cast in black.

The gun ports in the front of the vehicle are painted silver whereas on the previous versions they were not painted at all. On the left side there are a series of ridges also painted silver, a detail borrowed from Swindle. Like Brawl and Swindle, the front lights are painted as well, also in silver. The cannon barrels are painted black with a nice spray op burn pattern. The ends are painted metallic blue - this replicates the pattern on Brawl's cannon barrels.

The Decepticon symbol sculpted onto the top of the turret is painted purple with a white background. The Energon weapon and Star are cast in translucent red plastic. The parts all fit snugly on the sculpt, so even after four production runs the tooling seems intact and functional.

Robot Mode:
In robot form, Landquake's colors distribute more evenly. While his translucent parts still dominate, he has a healthy mix of metallic grey and blue parts. His head is cast in grey with the tri-turrets on either side cast in metallic blue. The upper arms and upper legs are also blue, with the lower arms and arm mounted cannons cast in metallic grey. The lower legs are translucent red.

Landquake's deco pattern is largely the same as Brawl's. His face is painted blue with black on the central crest. His knees are painted silver on the top of the knee armor with black on the lower portion. Like Brawl the top of his feet are not painted, which works best since the piece is translucent.

None of Landquake's functionality has been changed, all his joints are tight and he holds his weapons just fine.

Final Thoughts:
While his deco is heavily based on previous releases, the color pattern works very well. His bright colors contrast nicely with the darker parts, resulting in a fantastic looking figure. Of course, obtaining this figure will generally require either a membership or buying it off a member. The best way to do it is via a membership since you also get a subscription to the club magazine and discounts at the online shop. This figure is generally recommended for the more harcore completist among fans and not the casual collector.