Armada Toy Reviews: Land Military Team

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General Information:
Price Point: Basic
Retailer: General (K-Mart, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart etc.)
Release Date: July 2002
Transformation Difficulty Level: 2 (Intermediate)
Accessories: Two missiles for Bonecrusher, Two missiles for Wreckage, One missile for Knock Out

In a line that relies on the Mini-Con gimmick, it is necessary to have as many of the little critters as possible. To do this, Hasbro has focused the basic assortment of Transformers on three packs of Mini-Cons. These Mini-Cons are Transformers in themselves, and each three pack features abilities unique to the team.

Heading up the first round of Armada Mini-Con three packs is the Land Miliatry Mini-Con Team. The team is comprised of Bonecrusher, Knock Out and Wreckage. Both Bonecrusher and Knock Out are two recycled names from Transformers of the past. The theme of this pack seems to be firepower. Each team member has some type of powerful cannon or missile, no doubt adding a lot of firepower to any Transformer they link up with. Each Mini-Con will receive an individual rating since each is an individual toy. At the end is a recommendation as to whether or not to purchase the set.

Bonecrusher Review

Vehicle Mode  |  Robot Mode

Vehicle Mode:
Bonecrusher is a missile carrier in vehicle mode. His primary colors are black and light grey. Gold is used to accentuate certain parts such as his front grille and windows. The sculpt is nicely done, with details like a metal plate on the back for a passenger to stand on and a spare gas tank in the rear. A glaring modification from the original prototype is found in the missile that the vehicle can fire. The missile is a pressure firing missile (you push the end to launch the missile). However, the very end of the missile is rounded whereas the prototype shows a very flattened end that resembles a gatling gun barrel. No doubt this was done for safety reasons, but it does subtract from the toy's appearance.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Split each end of the vehicle in half.
  2. Swing the halves of the vehicle (on the central hinge) toward each other.
  3. Swing the robot head into place to lock both halves of the vehicle in place.

Robot Mode:
Bonecrusher's robot mode features the same basic colors as the vehicle plus green and red for his optic sensors. Since his missile launcher becomes his right arm, Bonecrusher could have easily suffered from looking ungainly. However, he is a functional enough toy that one can overlook the extra long arm. Bonecrusher has eight points of articulation, which is quite impressive for such a tiny toy. Most impressive is the elbow joint on the left arm, which
the designers could have easily just left out.

Bonecrusher is one tough looking little guy. The uni-optic sensor gives him a vaguely "Borg" type look and for such a small toy, he is rather bulky looking. A very impressive job. A

Knock Out Review

Vehicle Mode  |  Robot Mode

Vehicle Mode:
Knock Out is a six wheel missile carrier. His primary color is tan with black, red and silver detailing. There is a good amount of detail on it including metal plates, a hatch on the rear of the vehicle and false "rivets" which hold the vehicle together. The missile is a spring loaded missile launching system. Due to the ay the toy transforms, the missile launcher can move to the side a bit. The missile fires well over a foot, not bad at all.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the back of the vehicle down on the center hinge.
  2. Unfold the rear halves of the vehicle to form the robot legs.
  3. Swing the halves of the front of the vehicle out and twist them forward to form the arms.
  4. Swing the missile launcher to the side to reveal the robot head.

Robot Mode:
Knock Out's colors pretty much remain the same from the vehicle mode. His robot head is painted all orange and his hips and upper legs are also orange. However, where the toy lacks in color, it does make up for in appearance. Unlike his fellow Land Military Team members, Knock Out has the distinction of being the only one with a normal humanoid structure (central body, two arms, two legs, head) and a big honking weapon. The shoulder mounted missile launcher is a fantastic look, rather than having the missile launcher become an arm.

The nicest looking in the set, and the only one with a missile launcher takes Knock Out to a high place on the list of cool Mini-Cons. A+

Wreckage Review

Vehicle Mode  |  Robot Mode

Vehicle Mode:
Wreckage's vehicle mode is a dual missile launcher tank. He is mostly green with light gray launchers and silver details. The windows and treads are black. In terms of sculpt, Wreckage lives up to his two fellow team members. The treads, though non-functional, look good and he has other details such as rivets, grooves indicating where armor plates meet and headlights. The missiles fire by pressure (push the back until they launch). A function of the transformation also allows some cool aiming possibilities since both launchers are on ball joints.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the missile launchers out to the sides.
  2. Fold out the front of the vehicle to form the robot legs.
  3. Stand the toy and swing the missile launchers/robot arms forward.

Robot Mode:
Wreckage's colors all carry over from his vehicle mode. His face is nicely painted however. The face itself is silver with red eyes. Although at first glance it seems that the big missile launchers are his only weapons, a closer look shows that on either side of his head are two smaller weapons. They could be mini-missile launchers or lasers, that I will leave to your imagination. Another nice detail shows on the upper legs where there is a metal plate molded to look like it is bolted on. In another nice touch, the missile launchers have fists molded into them. So rather than having the missiles be his arms, he has an actual arm that the missiles are simply mounted on. Wreckage really only has four points of articulation, but the two arms are on ball joints, which make up for that short coming somewhat.

Wreckage is limited in mobility but looks great. He's still a fun toy too. A couple more articulation points would have earned it a higher grade. B-

For me, this team was a must have. Not just because they are neat toys in themselves, but also because they are the ideal Mini-Con team to go with the likes of Megatron and Demolishor. Highly recommended.