Armada Toy Reviews: Nemesis Prime

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General Information:
Price Point: Supercon
Retailer: General (K-Mart, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart etc.)
Release Date: November 2003
Transformation Difficulty Level: 3 (Advanced)
Accessories: Run-Over Mini-Con figure, Wrist Mounted guns x 2

The last breaths of Armada have brought with them a pile of redecos from previously released Transformers. For the most part, these have all remained the same characters, sometimes with the word "Powerlinx" tossed in front of the name to make it sound "newer". In this case however, this redeco is of a different character who actually appears in one episode of the Armada show. Nemesis Prime is a redeco of the Supercon Optimus Prime. This review will cover the changes made to the toy.


Run-Over is a redeco of Over-Run. The name is a brilliant one as it's a simple
play on the original name and it's appropriate for a character paired with a Decepticon. His color is a flat beige (which you'll also see on Nemesis Prime himself). The cockpit and robot eyes are red and the wheels and landing gear are done in dark blue. His joints are still tight and no parts seem to have suffered mold degradation. I prefer the silver of Over-Run, but this is more appropriate to match the colors of Nemesis Prime.

Nemesis Prime

Vehicle Mode:
Nemesis Prime is a truck cab in vehicle mode. Since the sculpt was designed to be able to tow the larger Super Base Optimus Prime you could use the Final Battle Optimus Prime trailer for a
better color match. Just ignore the huge honkin' Autobot symbol.

If you want a nice trailer for this vehicle mode, you can use the trailer that came with Black Convoy or Scourge. However, since that trailer has a peg (and not a hole as the Super Base Optimus Prime trailer does), you have to put the peg from the trailer into the hole where you would normally put Run-Over in gun mode, it fits just fine!

Nemesis Prime's prmiary color is a very, very dark blue. It looks black at first glance, but if you look at it under bright enough lights, you'll see it's not black. You can contrast parts like the legs with the wheels which are black. His fender and lights are painted silver. The windows and headlights are red while the grille and smokestacks are a flat gray (almost beige) color. On the hood is a heat stamped Decepticon symbol.

If this color scheme is familiar, it should be. This color scheme was originated with the Car Robots redeco of Laser Optimus Prime, Black Convoy. More recently, this color scheme was used for Destructicon Scourge. The common theme of black (or in this case, almost black) with red, silver and metallic light blue are all intact her. With so many of the Powerlinx color schemes being homages to previous schemes, it's nice to see another one that is so appropriate.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, a lot more of the "Black Convoy/Scourge" coloring comes into play. His primary color is still the super dark blue, but you see more metallic light blue which is used on his shoulders, head, lower arms and legs. Silver is used on the chest piece on the inside, and the spot where the Matrix would be on the larger toy is red. This looks very nice and is appropriate to the scheme. The robot eyes are painted red and the mouthplate is silver.
The upper legs are the same gray/beige like color that the smokestacks and chest piece/grille are.

There is one oddity however, which I've seen reported elsewhere. Though it's a bit hard to notice at first, if you look carefully at Nemesis Prime's head, it tilts to the left a bit. At first I thought this was due to some fault in the ball joint the head rests on, but in fact the entire rod that the ball joint is attached to is slightly warped. This doesn't dramatically affect the look of the toy except to give Nemesis a slight tilt to his head (making
him look like he's constantly thinking about something odd). I'm not sure if this defect will carry over into later assortments or if this is just in the first wave, so if this bothers you a lot, you may want to wait a month or so before purchasing this item (from November 2003).

Nemesis Prime can utilize the same Powerlinx feature as Supercon Prime, but it still looks more like the figure is doing a dance than actually punching anything.

Nemesis Prime is a very well done redeco. He's well thought out, meant to evoke a character that has quickly become a classic since his introduction in Car Robots. It's also nice that a character who only appears in one episode of Armada still got his own figure. This would be highly recommended if it weren't for the head tilt oddity. For now, I'll recommend this with that one reservation.