Armada Toy Reviews: Hot Shot (Powerlinx)

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General Information:
Release Year: August 2003
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Kay Bee, Wal-Mart etc.)
Price Point: Supercon (Approximately $9.99 depending on retailer)
Accessories: Jolt Mini-Con figure, Missile x 1

Hot Shot gets powered up with his new deco scheme! Powerlinx Hot Shot is the new version of Hot Shot who has the same mold as the first one, but a much more familiar color scheme. This review will cover the changes made to the toy for this release. For a more detailed review of the toy itself, please read Hot Shot's review.


While Hot Shot inherits a set of colors from a G1 predecessor, Jolt seems to have inherited Hot Shot's old color scheme. Almost the entire helicoptor is now yellow. The helicoptor blades and the windows are black however. It's a shame a bit more detail wasn't given to this little guy. The sculpt is quite detailed, but the solid yellow color washes a lot of that out visually.

In robot mode, the middle of Jolt's face is painted silver, andhis upper legs are black. I personally would have preferred a tiny bit of silver or even dry brushed black be used
to help give Jolt a more detailed look, but I also sort of get a kick out of the fact that Jolt's colors are also reminscent of another character I like a lot: G1 Bumblebee. Of course, the color really has another purpose, which is mentioned below.

Powerlinx Hot Shot

Vehicle Mode:
If I were to show Powerlinx Hot Shot to a G1 fan and ask "Who do you think this is?" they'd say "Hot Rod" for sure. G1 Hot Rod was a futuristic sports car. His primary color was red
and he had an unmistakable flame pattern on his hood and a big yellow spoiler in the back.
In many ways, Hot Shot's new color scheme emulates that one.

Hot Shot is mostly red in this form. His windows are metallic flake blue. His front bumper and tires are metallic flake black with silver hubcaps. When the engine area on his hood is exposed, you'll see it is a light metallic blue, the same color used for his front grille. His headlights are beige while the rear lights are silver. The two sides of Hot Shot's spoiler are yellow, but since the spoiler really isn't one solid piece on this design, the center (where the middle Powerlinx point is) is red. However (here's where I mention Jolt again), since Jolt is yellow too, if you attach him to the back, he sort of "joins" the two spoiler pieces and they form one yellow piece going across the back. Finally of course, there is a flame pattern on the hood. The flames are in a muted yellow color, outlined by black. The style does not copy Hot Rod's, rather it looks to be more of a homage to the original.

The gun/Powerlinx activation piece/engine that attaches to the hood on Hot Shot is metallic flake black. This mechanism still works just fine. In fact, I'd say that this mechanism
works a tiny bit smoother than the one on my original Hot Shot!

Powerlinx Hot Shot's vehicle mode looks awesome, and is instantly recognizable as a homage to a classic G1 character.

Robot Mode:
While the vehicle mode is a pretty easy canvas to do a color homage to G1 Hot Rod, the robot mode is a bit trickier. So instead of trying, the designers just gave Hot Shot a really nice color scheme in this form. Hot Shot's center body is molded in yellow plastic. The yellow spoiler pieces are over his shoulders, so you have a nice, bright color coming at you. However, the center has some color details as well. Towards the top and at the hip/waist section, the details are painted black. The crossing details (which lookl ike seatbelts) are
metallic bronze. His feet, lower arms and upper legs are all metallic flake black.
The upper arms and lower legs are red, and the lower legs have some metallic light blue for the details around the circles on each leg.

Making him somewhat unique among this set of "Powerlinx" redecos from Armada is that Hot Shot has actually been retooled as well as redeco'd. His head has been completely resculpted (not just the face as most fans believed earlier). First, the head is smaller, giving Hot Shot less of a "helmet head" look. On the original Hot Shot, his head was wide enough that it covered the spring mechanism at the back of the head. Here the spring (and a couple holes) are exposed, but they do not really detract from his appearance at all. In fact, the newer head
enhances his appearance a lot.

It is this resculpt where the designers made something of a homage to Hot Rod. His face is light gray with blue eyes, the helmet section on the left, right and under the chin are red. This is not too disimilar to Hot Rod's color facial color scheme. Also, you'll see Hot Shot has a much less jovial expression now. Rather his mouth is a straight line, giving the character a much more serioius appearance. One sacrifice was made in the new head sculpt however: the visor on Hot Shot's head no longer slides down over his eyes. It's still there, but it is a sculpted detail that's one piece with the rest of the head. Personally, I don't mind this too much since we got a better head sculpt out of it, and the visor thing was just a
small detail to me. After all, if you need a Hot Shot with a visor that goes down, just
check out your original Hot Shot.

As a side note, if you look at this picture of Powerlinx Hot Shot's face,
you'll notice the area above his face on the helmet was painted gray. This was supposed to be painted red, but this error was not caught until later. Future copies of this toy will have a fully red helmet.

In terms of the toy's functionality, the Powerlinx points all work fine. The cannon action works just as well as the original. While redecos tend to be looser than the original, I've found with Hot Shot that his legs at both the ball joints and knees are actually a bit more stiff than my original Hot Shot.

This is an awesome redeco/retool of the first Hot Shot mold. Between the color scheme and the new head sculpt, this toy has been improved a lot. I wasn't a huge fan of the first Hot Shot toy, but I gladly recommend this one to any Transformers

Hot Shot loves the toy, highly recommended!