Armada Toy Reviews: Road Wrecker Team

in 2003, Action Figure Review, Armada, Mini-Con


General Information:
Price Point: Mini-con
Retailer: General (K-Mart, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart etc.)
Release Date: September 2003
Transformation Difficulty Level: 2 (Intermediate)

In an attempt to keep the "Unicron Battles" Mini-Con assortments somewhat fresh, the Destruction Team has been given a new deco and released as the
Road Wrecker Team. This review will cover the changes made to these little guys for this release.


Buzzsaw has a color scheme that manages to accomplish two things at once: it's a bit less garish than the original's, while also being so different, they could have easily called the Mini-Con something else. His primary colors are silver and green. Orange and yellow paint are used for details. The result is a toy you wouldn't expect to look good, but does.

In vehicle mode, the large saw is now painted orange in the middle. The treads and some details in the center are also orange. As a robot, his chest details are painted in orange and yellow can be found on his feet. His face is painted orange, giving a nice contrast to the silver "helmet" part of the head.

Buzzsaw's new colors are a great exercise in contrast. The dark parts such as the green look like something you'd find on heavy machinery, but the orange looks like points where the vehicle is glowing or where energy is coursing through it. The silver is a nice contrast with the green. It's tone evokes a metallic build, but it's dark enough that it doesn't conflict. Another nice touch is the orange paint used to paint the details on the robot chest plate, something which was not done in as much detail with the original.

Drill Bit

I always liked the first version of Drill Bit since he's so different than his fellow team members. He's also a rather unique looking vehicle to boot. This time, he goes along with the color scheme of his fellow team members much more than his previous incarnation. His primary colors are green and silver/gray. His windows are painted yellow and other details are filled in with light blue.

With the light blue (and a touch of silver) being the primary detail colors, Drill Bit is very muted this time, which is a nice contrast to his original version which really stood out in the crowd. Also, I was surprised to see the light blue bring out as many details as it did such as his Mini-Con smbol and facial details. Overall, Drill Bit is a nice redeco, not superior or inferior to the original, just different.


Dualor is sort of the guy in between the color schemes of Drill But and Buzzsaw. He is mostly green and silver, but he has orange, yellow and light blue paint details. For his vehicle mode, this means some nice break in the green color that draws your eyes to details such as the hatches on the top of the vehicle, the holes representing bolts for his armor plating along the sides and the armor plating on his turret section.

As a robot, Dualor is a bit plain. His face is just plain black, so there's not a lot happening there (the least they could have done was also paint his eyes like the first version had). This is mostly made up for by the vehicle mode, but a little deco on the chest or the legs would have been nice.

If I had to choose between the original Destruction Team and this redeco, I'd choose this one. Their color schemes are fairly unified, and they use a bit more paint detailing than the last set. If you don't have any version of the Destruction Team, this is a good one to get.