Armada Toy Reviews: Sea Team

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General Information:
Price Point: Mini-con
Retailer: General (K-Mart, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart etc.)
Release Date: February 2003
Transformation Difficulty Level: 2 (Intermediate)

The first brand new Mini-Con team of 2003 was the Sea Team. Released along with the redecos of the Land Military Team and Air Defense Team, this
group is a welcome addition to toy store shelves. The Sea Team stems from Hasbro's desire to use the Mini-Cons to add diversity to the Transformers
line. Sure we have plenty of land and air vehicles, but sea vehicles are much less common in the line.


Vehicle Mode:
Oceanglide is a solar powered boat in vehicle mode. His primary color is a metallic flake brown. Silver is used for detailing on his solar panels and engine housings. Black is used on the windows. The missile launcher and missile itself are both purple. This vehicle mode looks like something out of a James Bond movie. It's slick, has recognizable lines, but at the same time there's a hint of something futuristic, mainly in the way the engine housing is sculpted with a mooth curve. The Mini-Con symbol is in the center of a platform at the rear of the boat. The Powerlinx point is in the center of the boat's underside. There is some great sculpted detail here including a driver's area in the middle of the boat complete with a tiny set of stairs and control panels. The solar panels are an interesting touch and in a really awesome design move, the missile launcher can tilt up and down and rotate 180 degrees around. The missile itself is a pressure launcher, push the missile and it shoots out.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the halves of the missile launcher/solar panels section down.
  2. Flip the boat over and fold down the front half of the boat to form the
    robot feet.

Robot Mode:
Oceanglide's robot mode introduces two more colors into the mix. White covers most of his upper body. Yellow is used for some details on his body and his robot eyes. The robot face itself is painted silver. Because of the way he transforms, most of the rear of the boat winds up becoming Oceanglide's head. His head looks a bit odd, especially with two huge thrusters on either side, but the face itself is nicely sculpted and its detail helps keep one focused on the face visually, not the bits around it. Though fairly simple, the body does have a neat detail where there are tubes running from the top chest area down to the waist area, adding tot he mechanical look of this robot in disguise.

Oceanglide has six points of articulation. The arms are each on a ball joint. His lower legs can split apart and move independently of each other, but it takes a bit of doing. Despite being molded as two separate pieces, there wasn't a lot of give room to allow the two legs to split. Be careful not to rip the legs off your Mini-Con when trying to do this.


Vehicle Mode:
In vehicle mode, Stormcloud is a missile carrying speedboat. Like Oceanglide, his primary color is a metallic flake brown. His windows are black and his missile launcher is purple. The back of the boat is white and gray, with black and yellow details. Except for the huge honkin' missile launcher, Stormcloud could be a non-descript speedboat minding its own business. The area the missile launcher is mounted on is obviously where the driver's area would/should be.

The Mini-Con symbol is sculpted into the front, left side of the boat, and his Powerlinx point is on the underside of the boat in the middle. The missile launcher's movement is limited to being up or down and angling up or down. It cannot rotate like Oceanglide's.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the missile launcher up so it is out of the way.
  2. Swing back the rear of the boat to form the robot legs.
  3. Swing out each half of the front of the boat to the side.
  4. Flip the boat over to see the robot and move the missile launcher
    forward so it is over Stormcloud's head.

Robot Mode:
Stormcloud's robot mode offers up a lot of color contrast to the brown of his vehicle form. His upper body is gray and white, his legs are gray and
white with yellow and black details. His lower arms are gray and his robot face has yellow eyes. The sculpted detail on this little guy is pretty nice.
His chest has mechanical looking lines etched into it, and is actually layered, with the gray portion overlaying the white one. His robot head is nicely sculpted with a crest and mouthplate, giving him one grim appearance. In a nice design touch, since the front of the boat splits in halves to form his upper
arms/shoulders, they look like huge pieces of shoulder armor. Very imposing looking. Stormcloud has eight points of articulation. His arms are on ball joints, so they have a good range of motion. The lower legs are separate pieces so they can move independently from one another.


Vehicle Mode:
Waterlog is a hovercraft in vehicle mode. He shares the same primary metallic flake brown color as the other members of the team. His missile launcher is purple and his windows are painted black. Silver and gray are used for details as well. Out of the three team members, Waterlog's looks like the one that was primarily intended to act as a military vehicle. The sides look like they are armored and he has a radar dish attached to the missile launcher.

What's nice about having the dish there is that it gives something to brace your finger against as you launch the missile. The fans on the back of the vehicle look great, showing each individual blade sculpted inside the fans. Waterlog's Mini-Con symbol is on the front of the vehicle, and his Powerlinx point is on the underside of the hovercraft. The missile launcher can turn around 180 degrees, but cannot really move up or down. A very nice vehicle mode overall.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the halves of the missile launcher section to the sides to form
    the robot arms and reveal the robot head.
  2. Turn the turbines/fans around.
  3. Fold back the rear half of the vehicle.
  4. Swing down the robot legs.
  5. Rotate the missile launcher so it points forward.

Robot Mode:
Waterlog's robot mode is probably the nicest of the three boats. We see a bit more gray in this form, on his upper body, mid section and robot head. The way the turbines turn around to form feet for this mode is something that shows how much care Hasbro puts into the toy. They could have easily just molded those turbines into the leg pieces as one solid piece and left balancing up to the frustrated fan, but they didn't. Waterlog is also quite poseable for a Mini-Con, having nine points of articulation including his knees,head and ball jointed arms. Of the three, Waterlog is probably the most "even", with a cool vehicle mode, a well done robot mode and a slightly (very, very slightly) better transformation than the other two.

This one's a no brainer. Go get the Sea Team. They should be a part of any Armada and/or Transformers collection. They're well done, well sculpted and