Armada Toy Reviews: Sea Team (Redeco)

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General Information:
Price Point: Mini-con
Retailer: General (K-Mart, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart etc.)
Release Date: November 2003
Transformation Difficulty Level: 2 (Intermediate)
Accessories: Missiles x 3

The end run of Armada included a pile of redecos of previously released Armada toys. While most are familiar with Powerlinx Shot Shot or Powerlinx
Cyclonus. But the Autobots and Decepticons weren't the only toys to get redecos, so did a select few Mini-Cons. One of the teams given new decos was the Sea Team. For a detailed review of the Sea Team, check out the review for the original set. This review will focus on the changes made to each Mini-Con.

The packaging deserves a quick note because it was not changed for the release of this set. In fact, aside from having a Unicron Battles
front, the packaging is the same as that used for the original Sea Team. This includes their names, indicating this is the same set of characters with new


Vehicle Mode:
Oceanglide's new color scheme is a nice one, and arguably a bit superior to his original. The main color of the boat itself is blue. The front has
some really neat orange flame details, taking him one step above your typical deco. Silver is used for the windows and rear thrusters. The solar panels on the top of the missile launcher are molded in blue plastic, but the tops are painted gold. The robot arms and missile launcher are cast in a beige plastic which looks really dull against the blue and gold. I would have preferred a silver color myself, but that's just me.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Oceanglide shows off a bit more color. The robot face is silver with yellow eyes, and the chest/waist area is painted silver with
yellow details. As mentioned before, the robot arms are plain beige plastic. They still look "off" somehow in this form. The same plastic is used for his upper legs, but the pieces are so small they're barely noticable.

Oceanglide's missile launcher can still rotate around in vehicle mode and fir eits missile a respectable distance (a few inches or so). The knee joints are noticably more lose than the first Oceanglide, but not so much so that they won't stand or flop around.


Vehicle Mode:
Stormcloud has the nicest new deco out of the three Mini-Cons in vehicle mode. His overall color is blue, but he has silver, black and gold details that
really help him rise above the others. The windows in vehicle mode are black, with silver outlines. He has silver in the rear with gold on the oval details. Like Oceanglide, he has orange flame patterns on the front of the boat. The only oddity is that his missile launcher (at least on mine) cannot point straight forward. It can angle up or down just fine, but try to position it aiming forward, and it just flops down. This may vary from set to set as I have heard no one else complain of this particular problem.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Stormcloud also has a really nice deco pattern. The front of his upper body piece is painted gold with silver used on the mechanical details. This really helps bring them out and makes him look more like a machine with intricate parts. The lower legs reveal the pattern that is semi-hidden in
vehicle mode. They are blue, but th efront is painted silver and black with gold on the knees. Gold is a tricky color, if not used properly, it can look horribly garish. Here however it looks just fine and enhances Stormcloud's appearance a lot.


Vehicle Mode:
Being a hovercraft/boat type vehicle, Waterlog is the spiritual cousin of the Generation One Mini-Bot Seaspray. So it comes as little surprise that his colors would evoke the classic character. Most of this form is blue, but the main section (where the drivers would be) is painted silver. The front windows
are painted gold but it is a lighter shade of gold than Stormcloud and Oceanglide have. Rather, this gold looks almost like yellow. Blue and yellow were two of Seaspray's primary colors, and the hovercraft resemblance is very much on the money. Basically this is a cute little homage in disguise.

The primary problem I have with this vehicle form is the missile launcher. Whereas the original Waterlog's launcher could be positioned in an up position,
this one is stuck flopping to the left. If I push it up, it flops back down. I popped it out to find that there was some excess plastic on the ball of the ball joint, so I think if it is sanded down a bit, it may be able to stand up, but it may require a couple coats of clear nail polish first. Either way, it's a bit of a hassle for such a small toy. I haven't heard a lot of people complain about this, so I'll chalk this up to being "just mine" that does this.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Waterlog looks pretty nice. Since his arms are all silver (except for the windows), they really stand out against the blue that makes up
most of his body. The area around the robot head is painted silver as well, helping to bring out the small sculpted details. The robot head is blue,
but part of his crest and his eyes are gold (the same dark gold as the other two members of the team). The waist section is blue, but with silver painted on
for detail.

Aside from the minor problems with the missile launchers on Waterlog and Stormcloud, there isn't much bad to say about this team. Overall, the new color scheme looks really nice. This is recommended for anyone who wants to bolster their Mini-Con army or who doesn't mind redecos. If redecos aren't your thing, then stay away.