Cybertron Toy Reviews: Clocker

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General Information:
Release Year: December 2004
Retailer: General US (Toys R Us, Target etc.)
Price: $5.99 (Depending on Retailer)
Accessories: Speed Planet Key, Engine/Weapon, Exhaust pipes x 2

Clocker Packaging art


Tech Specs:
A young speedster with nerves of steel and technique to spare. Quick-thinking, clever and courageous, his size prevents him from presenting
a real challenge on the track. He races out of a sense of duty to his mentor Brakedown, and he knows every bit of road on the Speed Planet like the back
of his hand. It's his knowledge of the Great Race that gives Hot Shot the edge he needs.

Strength: 4 Intelligence: 7.5 Speed: 7.5 Endurance: 9 Rank: 4 Courage: 6.5 Fireblast: 4 Skill: 8.5

Clocker is the Cybertron release of the Japanese Galaxy Force Skids figure. This review will focus on the changes made to this figure for this release. For a more detailed review please read Skids' review.

Each Cybertron figure comes with a code printed on its Planet Key that unlocks content from the Official Transformers site. Clocker's code is s129. The unlocked content reads Clocker has a racetrack tactic that he's been secretly practicing. While driving at top speed, he hits the Energon-overdrive button while going into sixth gear. This maneuver usually sends Clocker flying into turns at ridiculous speeds! The only bad thing is that Clocker has yet to master this maneuver perfectly, so not only does he fly into first place, but also he usually flies right off the road!! and reveals an image of his vehicle mode concept art.

Vehicle Mode:
When examining Clocker, I was very surprised just how different his colors are from his Galaxy Force counterpart. While from a distance they appear very similar, the colors that Hasbro chose to sculpt the toy in are quite different than those on Skids.

The front end and tires still translucent blue plastic, but it is a darker shade than the one on Skids. As with Skids, a white color is painted on the front piece including the outer edges of the windshield. Metallic silver forms a pattern on the hood, and in between the two silver details is a tampographed Autobot symbol, something that was not present on Skids.

Where things begin to look a bit bad is the rest of the figure. The central and rear sections are primarily cast in dark yellow and light blue plastic. While yellow (a lighter shade anyhow) and blue were present on Skids, they were painted on top of the pearl-white plastic. Here the designers tried to have the yellow plastic painted over by a metallic white paint. Unfortunately, while this does cover up parts well where the paint is concentrated, the edges are very messy looking with soft, rough edges that, frankly, just look sloppy. One of the best examples of this can be found on the angled fins on the engine piece. On Skids, they were cast in pearl-white plastic with the undersides painted yellow. Here the white paint looks like it kind of dripped at the edge and then gave out on the bottom. Overall, a very ugly paint job.

The exhaust pipes are cast in yellow plastic, but are painted silver. This contrast is stronger than the ones on Skids, which sort of just blended into the vehicle form. Either look is fine, it is a matter of do you prefer uniformity or contrast in the color scheme.

The Planet Key gimmick works here, but sadly a bit of a defect appears as well. When you flip both gun barrels out, the right side on on mine will not point forward properly, angling to the side a bit instead - something my Galaxy Force Skids does not suffer from. This could be a one off abberation in the production line, but it is worth mentioning.

Robot Mode:
The bad paint job that plagues the vehicle mode carries over into the robot mode. Unlike the Galaxy Force version, the chest and legs are sculpted in light blue plastic and yellow plastic respectively. The white color is somewhat duplicated by the use of metallic white paint, but the lines are very uneven. The legs fare better than the chest, which has little angles and corners that were left a bit unpainted.

Another piece just badly painted are the angled tubes on his waist. They are painted yellow here, but there is enough light blue plastic peeking out that they just look unfinished.

The dark metallic red color on Skids has been replaced with a lighter non-metallic red. This looks nice though I personally preferred the darker color.

An interesting sculpt change involves the exhaust pipes. The pegs on these have been altered to be Mini-Con connector points, so you can attach them to Mini-Cons. This is one positive change from the Galaxy Force version.

Final Thoughts:
While I am fond of the sculpt, the paint application was just so incredibly sloppy on this toy I am amazed. Transformers generally do not get such bad treatment in the deco department. I can't really recommend this because of that, but if you are strapped for cash and can't afford the Galaxy Force version, then this is a (somewhat weak) substitute. The only thing it really has going for it is the change to Mini-Con pegs on the exhaust pipes.