Cybertron Toy Reviews: Giant Planet Team

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General Information:
Release Year: June 2006
Retailer: General US (Toys R Us, Target etc.)
Price: $6.99 (Depending on Retailer)
Accessories: Missiles x 2
Difficulty Level: 1

Giant Planet Mini-Con Team Packaging art


Tech Specs:
One of the only Mini-Con teams operating on the Giant Planet without the partnership of a larger robot, these three have made a long habit of bitterness. Uninterested in construction projects - or simply without the patience to work on a building crew in the case of Longarm - the Giant Planet Mini-Con Team roam abandoned sections of the world-city engaging their destructive impulses, and occasionally radiing work sites to steal supplies.

Strength: 8 Intelligence: 6 Speed: 3 Endurance: 9 Rank: 4 Courage: 8 Firepower: 6.5 Skill: 8
Strength: 6 Intelligence: 3 Speed: 5 Endurance: 7 Rank: 4 Courage: 7 Firepower: 6 Skill: 5
Strength: 4 Intelligence: 7 Speed: 9 Endurance: 6 Rank: 4.5 Courage: 7 Firepower: 6 Skill: 8

Deepdive Review

Vehicle Mode:
Matching his name perfectly, Deepdive is a submarine. This makes him one of the few water-based Mini-Con sculpts along with the Armada Sea Team. It is very easy to imagine that submarines are fairly simple looking machines. However, the designers gave this some amazing level of detail considering the size of this figure. It has a tube like general shape, but there is a slope on the very front and the front is taller than the back, with the ship's lines angling downward towards the back. This gives it the look of a type of blade made to cut through the water, very nice.

Starting from the front there are three missile tube details sculpted into either side of the vehicle mode. Two fins (also known as planes) protrude from the sides right behind them. On the left side behind the fin is a sculpted Mini-Con symbol. On the top are circle and tube like details. On the top towards the rear is the sailwith window details along with rectangles, line details and U shaped details that one could imagine being gun ports. The rear section has two vertical fins, and two horizontal ones. On the underside there are two turbines. Running along both sides of the vehicle are small inset details that most likely represent windows.

On the bottom of the sub is a Mini-Con connection port. On the top (resembling a smokestack) is a Powerlink peg. This allows him to connect to a larger Transformer two ways, but also gives you the option of adding other Mini-Cons to him or Energon weapons, something that makes him unique on this team.

Deepdive is cast in grey plastic. Red is used for details such as the tube like structures towards the front of the vehicle as well as the front of the sail. The detail I absolutely love is a metallic blue pattern found on both sides of the vehicle. This pattern simulates the pattern often seen in water when it reflects light. This gives the appearance of Deepdive being underwater and looks great.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Split the middle section of the vehicle from the underside, swinging them out to the sides.
  2. Rotate these parts around so the rear parts of the vehicle are now pointing forward.
  3. Swing the robot head back.
  4. Split the front section of the sub in half and rotate them so the fins face forward.
  5. Flip the front sections of the sub up to form the robot feet.

Robot Mode:
Deepdive's robot mode reveals few new details. However, what it does do is take the details from the vehicle mode and give them new context. The circles near the sail now look like missile launchers on his chest. The Powerlink peg looks like a cannon on the center of his body. The fins from the rear of the vehicle now look like blades on his arms. Considering the sheer size restrictions on a Mini-Con, using details like this in two ways is ideal.

The head sculpt is really nicely done. With a large visor eye, a central crest and a mouth that looks like a rebreather, giving him the appearance of someone wearing a diving helmet. The pointed shape of his feet give him an angular appearance. The robot fists are sculpted into the inside of the lower arms.

Deepdive's newly revealed color is purple, found on the upper legs. His visor eyes are painted the same shade of red as the one found in vehicle mode.

Deepdive has ten points of articulation including ball joints at the knees.

Longarm Review

Vehicle Mode:
Sharing a name with Red Alert's Mini-Con, this Longarm seems to have a bit more of a mean streak than his predecessor. This Longarm is a dual purpose construction vehicle. The main vehicle has a basic truck-like construction. The front is boxy with angled windows. Minute details such as windshield wipers on the windows, doors and vents can be found all over the vehicle. While it is not painted, there is a sculpted Mini-Con symbol on the left side on the cab section.

The mid-section of the vehicle has two arms. The one towards the front is a claw arm. The one pointing back is a hook (actually a complete circle representing a hook, most likely for safety issues). Both of these arms can turn at the base and the bases have hinges that allow the arms to move up and down. The vehicle rests on six free rolling wheels. His Powerlinx point is found on the underside of the vehicle.

The base vehicle is cast in neon green. The arms are cast in purple. Silver paint applications can be found on the front including the windows and front grille. Gunmetal grey is used for details on the sides and top of the vehicle. A touch of red is tossed in too for rectangular sections marked off with the letter X.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing up the panels that make up the front of the vehicle.
  2. Swing the cab section out to form the robot legs.
  3. Turn the claw and hook arms to the side.
  4. Swing the rear section of the vehicle back and down.
  5. Turn the waist section around so the legs face front.

Robot Mode:
Longarm's rather unique transformation gives him an interesting looking robot mode. Details from the top of the vehicle mode cab form feet. The front grille section looks like knee armor, covering the front of the knee joint. The torso section winds up with the wheels in the center of the body, with the lined details on either side lining up. The claw/shovel arm winds up becoming the right arm and the hook arm becomes the left. The head has a nice level of detail, with the helmet section having a V shaped top and a regular robot head with eyes, nose and mouth.

The only newly revealed parts are the upper legs and the robot head. The face is painted red and the upper legs are cast in blue plastic.

Longarm has nine points of articulation in this form. Thanks to his transformation scheme he gets waist articulation (not something all Mini-Cons have), but he does not have head articulation.

Overcast Review

Vehicle Mode:
Overcast's name was reused from the Energon redeco of Jetfire. This Mini-Con becomes an aerial fighter jet, completing the team's trifecta of having the land, sea and air covered. I am not one hundred percent sure what jet he is based on (a quick scan of a military jet book has not revealed any exact matches but I don't claim to be an expert on jets). However, it does appear to be a rather large one. The central section looks large enough to almost act as a cargo holder. The wings each have two turbines on them and the rear section has horizontal fins on it. On the right wing is a sculpted Mini-Con symbol. The front cockpit has small windows sculpted into it as well. It's a great sculpt and looks powerful given its bulk (and the two big honking missiles don't hurt!).

Most of the vehicle is cast in dark blue plastic. The missile holders/launchers and missiles are cast in purple. Silver paint is used on the cokpit section, the wings and the rear fins. It's a simple deco scheme, but it looks good. It would have been nice to have a bit more detail on the wings, but overall it looks good. His Powerlinx point is found on the underside of the vehicle.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the rear section of the vehicle down to form the robot legs.
  2. Split the legs apart.
  3. Swing the grey ends of the legs up to form the feet.
  4. Swing the missile holders/robot arms down from the underside of the wings.
  5. Flip the robot head up.

Robot Mode:
Of all three team members, Overcast is easily the most threatening looking in robot mode. The wings over his shoulders give him a nice sleek appearance that contrasts with the large cockpit section that makes up the torso. The head sculpt is amazingly similar to Armada Longarm's head sculpt, especially with the lined visor eyes and mouthplate. The arms are nice and bulky with claws at the end (to hold the missiles in place). The legs are very angular, which looks fantastic. I only wish there was a way to adjust the jet cockpit so it swung up a little more. Overall, his transformation and this robot mode remind me a lot of Beast Machines Obsidian in design.

His newly revealed parts are the upper legs, cast in purple and the robot head, cast in grey with the eyes painted red. Overcast has eight points of articulation. His missiles fire using the pressure launchers on his arms. Just push the missile from the back and they push out from the claws and "fire".

Final Thoughts:
This is one of the few Mini-Con teams to come out for Cybertron that are not redecos or retools of existing sculpts. I like the idea of having one team that represents land, air and sea. Each sculpt is unique in its own way and has good detail despite their relative small size. If you love Mini-Cons, then this team's for you, highly recommended!