Cybertron Toy Reviews: Leobreaker (Legends)

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General Information:
Release Year: September 2005
Retailer: Speciality Stores (Walgreens, Meijer's etc.) and Toys R Us
Price: $4.99 (Depending on Retailer)
Accessories: None


*Image from the Official Transformers web site.

Tech Specs:
Master hunter and heroic AUTOBOT.

Strength: 8 Intelligence: 8.5 Speed: 7 Endurance: 7 Rank: 9 Courage: 9 Firepower: 8 Skill: 8

Leobreaker began as a "side" character in "Cybertron" when he was just plain old Overhaul. However when he mutated into a new body on the Beast Planet and became Leobreaker. This Legends figure is a small version of the Voyager sized Leobreaker.

Robot Mode:
At the time I am writing this review, I haven't reviewed the larger Leobreaker yet (and yes, I do see the irony in that).
However, in short I can say that the larger Leobreaker toy has many shortcomings. However, once you get down to a smaller scale, one's expectations change a bit.

As I looked over the Leobreaker sculpt, I have to admit to being very impressed at the level of detail squeezed into such a small figure. The head sculpt is very close to the details of the larger figure, complete with lines resembling hair within the helmet section. His head is attached to a "cover" that is part of the lion mane in beast mode. Here it winds up looking like a ponytail on Leobreaker's head, which is a neat visual effect. The lion head becomes the center of the chest, and the sculpting on it is awesome, down to small indented sections on the sides and whisker lines on the top of the mouth.

Leobreaker's arms are deliberately designed to be out of scale, making them look larger and more powerful. The sides of the lower arms actually have faux Cyber Key slot, which is really nice to see. Other details include lines running at angles on the upper arms that resemble fur, which lead into more mechanical looking sections. The same type of detail switching happens on the legs as well. The top of the upper legs have details on the side that resemble coils of heavy duty wire. Those lead into raised armor sections and then open up again to reveal more cables. The duality of this design is awesome.

Leobreaker is cast in two colors, metallic brown and pearl white. Most of the body is the brown color. The claws on his arms and parts of the back are white. Gunmetal grey is used for several paint details such as the front of the upper arms and the helmet section of the robot head. The robot face is painted silver with red eyes. The paint actually looks great, especially on the head. I was surprised to see the eyes painted considering how tiny they are.

Thanks in part to his transformation scheme, Leobreaker has a whopping nine points of articulation (that's whopping for a Legends figure). His arms and legs all move along with his elbows and knees. The head turns slightly, but its motion is slightly restricted by the sides of his upper body. You can swing the claws on his upper arms forward to act as slashing weapons, although this effect seems primarily designed to work in beast mode.

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  1. Push the head forward into the chest piece and snap the mane cover piece into place.
  2. Push the chest piece forward a bit and then swing it up.
  3. Swing the claws on the front beast legs down.
  4. Swing the rear legs down to form the rear beast legs.
  5. Swing the tail back.

Beast Mode:
The beast mode allows you to appreciate the details from the robot mode a bit more. In the context of a robot coils of wires and muscle bundles are cool, but in the context of a robot meant to represent a beast, an extra layer of coolness is added. The tail design continues this theme of wires and cables, looking like a segmented whip with a spear at the end. The tail adds another layer of articulation in this form.

The tail piece is pearl white, contrasting heavily with the rest of the body. With the lion mane in one piece in this form, the copper color that makes it up comes together.

Final Thoughts:
Legends Leobreaker is a great shrunk down version of the larger figure. With its detail and posability, it offers up some great fun too. Highly recommended.