Cybertron Toy Reviews: Override

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Override GTS Packaging art

General Information:
Release Year: April 2006
Retailer: General US (Toys R Us, Target etc.)
Price: $9.99 (Depending on Retailer)
Accessories: Cyber Key, Engine/Weapon
Difficulty Level: 3


Tech Specs:
Override channeled her frustration at being beaten by both Megatron and Hot Shot into the search for the Planet Keys. Tempered by a race for something greater than a mere trophy, she returns to the Speed Planet a new leader. She has upgraded her systems with components based on the technology of both Earth and Cybertron. With her body thus enhanced, she has come back to the Speed Planet to reclaim her place as leader so that she may rule with compassion and justice learned from the Autobots.

Strength: 7 Intelligence: 8 Speed: Unknown Endurance: 8.5 Rank: 9 Courage: 7 Firepower: 5.5 Skill: 8.5

Override was the initial Cybertron release of the Galaxy Force Nitro Convoy figure. As part of the early 2006 wave of redecos, this figure has been given a new deco and released as Override GTS (GTS referring to Gran Turismo Sportscar, a term used for specialized cars dedicated to racing). Check out the reviews of Nitro Convoy and Override for more detailed looks at this figure. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Each Cybertron Transformer comes with a Planet Key with a code printed on it. Override GTS' code is dj9n. Unlocking this at revealed an image of her color chart along with the following text:

The previous Cyber Planet Key un-lockable content for Override was a little joke regarding the characters origins. In the original idea behind Cybertron (or "Galaxy Force" as it's called in Japan), Override was designed to be a boy character! In fact, in Japan, the Override character remained a boy in animation. That's why in certain scenes with the human Lori, Override blushes. He's embarrassed by Lori's comments! For the Cybertron animation, though, Hasbro decided to turn Override into a powerful, and aspirational, female warrior.

Vehicle Mode:
Override GTS is a darker figure than her predecessor. The base plastic colors are now grey and black (as opposed to white and black on Override). The translucent red plastic that made up parts such as the wheels and cabin cover have been replaced with translucent black plastic (although it is a very dark color that looks almost opaque). The gun barrels on his weapon still have red ends, but the rest are now black instead of white.

As with most redecos, I always find it refreshing when the pattern is different than its predecessors. Override GTS has a very different pattern than her predecessor and looks great. The "stripe" effect on the front portion has been replaced with a red flame pattern. These flames extend all the way to the back of the car. The outer halves of the front of the vehicle are painted black, and the very front (where the headlights are) are painted red. The designers even went so far as to change the deco pattern on the cabin cover. The center section has a stripe going down the middle ending in a triangle on the bottom. The gold colors on Override have been replaced with silver such as on the cabin cover and the top of the weapon section in the back.

Differentiating the figure further from its predecessor, the rear weapon section has a small Autobot symbol on it where Override's was blank.

Override GTS' Cyber Key is the same color as Override's, but the code (as indicated above) is different. The Cyber Key gimmick works just fine with no problems.

Robot Mode:
Override GTS' deco pattern is similar to Override's in some ways, and quite different in others. Like her predecessor, Override GTS has deco on her shoulders and lower arms, but in this case they are metallic silver rather than metallic gold. Like Override, her eyes are painted blue, and her central crest is painted as well - but this time it is green.

For all the similarities, there are a lot of differences. The fins on the robot head are painted silver, with much of the helmet in black. This contrasts with Override's helmet and fins which were the same uniform color. On either side of the chest are flame patterns which continue from the flames on her legs. While the lower arms are cast in black plastic, the fingers on her hands are painted red.

There does not appear to be any mold degradation. The joints are tight and there are no uneven parts in the figure.

Final Thoughts:
Override GTS has the my favorite deco of all three versions. While the stripes are nice and the "Speed Racer" homage of the first two releases of this figure is very cool, the darker grey color contrasts nicely with the red flames. Recommended.