Cybertron Toy Reviews: Ramjet vs. Scythe

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General Information:
Release Year: March 2006
Retailer: General Release (Target, Wal-Mart, Kay Bee etc.)
Price: $6.99 (Depending on retailer)
Accessories: None

Mini-Cons were one of the most successful aspects of the Transformers line in the past few years. Now the little robots are brought back as full fledged Autobots and Decepticons, removing them from their status as a third faction all their own. Having chosen sides, the Mini-Cons are now all packed in "versus packs", with one Autobot and one Decepticon affiliated Mini-Con in each pack.

Ramjet is a redeco of the Energon Saber member, Skyboom. Scythe is a redeco of the Emergency Team member, Makeshift. Check out their reviews for more detailed looks at the toys. These reviews will cover changes made to the figures for this release.



Tech Specs:
One of the very few MINI-CON robots capable of long-distance spaceflight, RAMJET was recruited early on by THRUST. Relatively unarmed,
he's more of a conman than a warrior; before THRUST began his rebellion against the MINI-CON Council of Sages he offered bargain tours of the
MINI-CON colonies on the moons of CYBERTRON, often leaving tourists stranded in remote areas. Now, he charges extraordinary fees to robots desperate to
escape the black hole only to dump them on the TERRORCON infested surface of CYBERTRON, or worse, into the black hole itself!

Strength: 6 Intelligence: 7 Speed: 9 Endurance: 9 Rank: 5 Courage: 4 Fireblast: 6 Skill: 9.5/td>

Vehicle Mode:
One thing became very apparent as I looked this figure over was that it is almost a shame Ramjet was not packaged with his fellow Sky Terror Team members Sunstorm and Thrust. This is not just because the three combine to form a sword (which is never named in the tech specs), but also because they are each, in a small way, a homage to a previous Transformer of the same name.

In Ramjet's case, he is cast in silver and translucent purple plastic. The front and back are silver and the middle section is translucent purple. The translucent section is painted pearl white on the sides and metallic blue in the middle. The wings are cast in metallic flake, red plastic with metallic silver paint apps. On the right wing is a tiny Decepticon symbol. The white and the red are the parts that pay homage to the original Ramjet from Generation One.

The Mini-Con Powerlinx ports on the bottom of the figure are cast in purple plastic.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode Ramjet is a bit less interesting. His upper body, head, arms and feet are all cast in silver. The upper legs are the same purple color as the Powerlinx points and the lower legs are translucent purple.

The only new paint app is on the eyes, which are painted red. While I would have liked to see a bit more paint applications say, on the chest or arms I have to admit that the vehicle mode is so well done that I can forgive one or two less paint apps in the robot mode.

The combined sword form of the Sky Terror Team looks fantastic, owing much of the unified look to the translucent purple plastic. Also, having metallic red on Ramjet and Thrust further unifies their appearance. Sunstorm's yellow at the end looks like energy is coming out of the sword as well. As with all previous swords such as the Star Saber, you can't go banging this around without the group separating, but that is to be expected. They make great display pieces and the sword handle is the standard size, allowing guys like Crumplezone and Megatron to hold it without a problem.



Tech Specs:
Unlike his friend ANTI-BLAZE, SCYTHE is a born fighter. A mobile and heavily armed brawler ready for a battle at a moments' [sic] notice, he never
backs down, even from overwhelming odds. SCYTHE has known the freshman politician since before the MINI-CON robots first fled CYBERTRON for Earth
millions of years ago. Now the two, together with CHECKPOINT, are brothers-in-arms in the fight against THRUST and his evil MINI-CON rebels.

Strength: 6.5 Intelligence: 8.5 Speed: 7 Endurance: 9 Rank: 5 Courage: 8.5 Fireblast: 8 Skill: 7.5

Vehicle Mode:
Like Ramjet, it would have been really nice to see Scythe in a 3 pack with his fellow "SWAT" Team members (they don't officially name them that, but it's on all three of them so I'll stick with it). Each has a unifying color scheme much like their predecessor, the Emergency Team redeco from Armada.

In this case, Scythe is mostly cast in a grey blue color. The wings and rotor blades are cast in translucent black plastic. He doesn't have a ton of new paint applications, but the few he does have are so strong and bold they serve the figure well visually. On the front section the cockpit windows have been painted red. The top of each rotor engine is painted yellow and an Autobot symbol is printed onto the top of the vehicle. On the left side of the helicopter is the word "SWAT" and "A1" next to it. This follows a numbering system for the rest of the team.

Weapon Mode:
The weapon mode does not look dramatically different deco-wise. I would have liked the thruster-like horizontal line details to have been painted in (as they were on the original Makeshift). Still, what works for me is the strength of the sculpt, the powerful appearance of those two turning cannons and the dark color scheme that makes Scythe look a lot like he is just a weapon and nothing more.

Robot Mode:
The robot mode benefits from the decos used on the rotors and cockpit in vehicle mode. The yellow is right up in front now and the red of the cockpit gives him detailing on the sides. The robot face has also been painted red, which contrasts very nicely agains the blue plastic.

Final Thoughts:
Both figures in this two pack look fantastic. The Makeshift sculpt is always one I have loved and Scythe resurrects that love all over again. The G1-esque homage on Skyboom also looks great. Highly recommended.