Cybertron Toy Reviews: Ransack

in 2005, Action Figure Review, Cybertron, Decepticon, Galaxy Force, Velocitron / Speedia

General Information:
Release Year: August 2005
Retailer: General US (Toys R Us, Target etc.)
Price: $5.99 (Depending on Retailer)
Accessories: Speed Planet Key, Dual barreled blaster

Ransack package art


*Image taken from the official Transformers web site.

Tech Specs:
Skittish and suspicious, RANSACK is a loudmouth bully, always ready to intimidate others into giving him what he wants, but only when his big partner CRUMPLEZONE is around. With the energy of the Speed Planet flowing through his circuitry, everything about him is fast - sometimes too fast. Unable to stop thinking or moving, his hyperactive mind tends to draw connections between unconnected things, and he sees conspiracy everywhere.

Strength: 5 Intelligence: 7 Speed: 8.5 Endurance: 8 Rank: 4 Courage: 3.5 Fireblast: 5 Skill: 5.5

Cybertron Ransack is the US release of the Galaxy Force Gasket figure. This review will focus on the changes made to this figure for this release. Check out Galaxy Force Gasket's review for a detailed look at this figure.

Most of the Transformers Cybertron figures come with a Planet Key that includes a code printed on the back. Entering this code on the official Transformers web site unlocked additional content. Ransack's code is sc92 and unlocks a picture of his vehicle mode design along with the following text: Ransack is one half of the dastardly duo of Ransack and Crumplezone. What most citizens of the Speed Planet don't know about Ransack is that he secretly has a crush on Speed Planet leader Override! He's tried to ask her out at least five hundred times, but every time he gets the nerve up to ask her, he blows a gasket!

Hasbro changed very little with the deco for this figure's US release:

  • The Cyber Key is unpainted around the edges. At first I thought this may have been an error, but all the Ransacks I have ever seen on shelves are like this. The lightning bolt symbol in the center is still vacuum metallized silver however, and the key code is printed on the back.
  • The gold on the sides of his arms does not spill over a bit onto the front of the arms the way Gasket's decos do.
  • The heel pieces on Ransack's feet are red instead of black.

Final Thoughts:
Like Red Alert, Ransack is so similar to his Galaxy Force counterpart that I rate him on the same level as Gasket. Highly recommended.