Cybertron Toy Reviews: Scrapmetal (Yellow)

in 2006, Action Figure Review, Cybertron, Decepticon, Galaxy Force, Terrorcons

General Information:
Release Year: September 2006
Retailer: General US (Toys R Us, Target etc.)
Price: $5.99 (Depending on Retailer)
Accessories: Planet Key

Scrapmetal package art


Tech Specs:
This is only one of billions of mindless Terrorcon drones that infest Cybertron and hundreds of other worlds. Mutated by exposure to the power of Unicron, these creatures live only to breed - devouring entire worlds for materials used in the construction of their offspring. The containment and destruction of Scrapmetal vermin is one of the key objectives of the Autobot mission, because even just one Scrapmetal left functioning can destroy a planet.

Strength: 5.5 Intelligence: 2 Speed: 6 Endurance: 10 Rank: 3 Courage: 4.5 Fireblast: 8 Skill: 5

Among the last waves of Cybertron figures are a group of redecos. One of the natural choices for this is Scrapmetal. His base figure, Galaxy Force Ramble, was released in three color schemes in Japan. The original Scrapmetal release was the red version. This one is the yellow one. Take a look at Galaxy Force Ramble's review for details on that figure.

Most of the Transformers Cybertron figures come with a Planet Key that includes a code printed on the back. Entering this code on the official Transformers web site unlocked additional content. Srapmetal's code is sf2x (this is the same code that the red Scrapmetal came with). The code unlocks the following text: A mindless drone. A merciless killer. A species of metal munching insecticons – the Scrapmetal are legion and they never take prisoners. Displaced and mutated by the effects of the black hole, these hive-minded creatures want nothing more than to sate their thirst for electrons and neurons as they try to eat their way through Cybertron and anything that gets in their way. There was a ancient tale that these creatures evolved from an experiment that was performed millions of years before. There was once a race of insect-like Transformers that had clone minions...could the Scrapmetal be descendants of these three bots? That is a story for another time...

This version of Scrapmetal is almost a direct re-release of the Galaxy Force yellow version. The deco patterns and plastic colors used for the two are the same. However, there is one minor difference. The paint applications on his arms, specifically the lower arms and the drills are a bit lighter than the ones on the Galaxy Force versions, that's really it. The Cyber Key gimmick works just as well as red Scrapmetal's and the joints are all tight.

Final Thoughts:
One of my laments in my original Scrapmetal review was that the red version the only one to be released at the time. Getting another version offers fans a chance to have another version without paying import prices, and it's still an awesome figure. Highly recommended.