Cybertron Toy Reviews: Thundercracker

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General Information:
Release Year: July 2005
Retailer: General US (Toys R Us, Target etc.)
Price: $9.99 (Depending on Retailer)
Accessories: Earth Planet Key, Missile

Thundercracker package art


Tech Specs:
This loyal DECEPTICON works under the command of Starscream for the recovery of the Planet Key on Earth. Thundercracker believes that the most
effective way to defeat an enemy is to terrorize and demoralize him before attacking. The mere sound of his focused sonic booms - audible for more than
200 miles - is enough to frighten many other Transformers.

Strength: 8 Intelligence: 6 Speed: 9 Endurance: 6 Rank: 5 Courage: 5 Fireblast: 6.5 Skill: 6

Cybertron Thundercracker is the US release of the Galaxy Force Destron of the same name. This review will focus on the changes made to this figure for this release. Check out Galaxy Force Thundercracker's review for a detailed look at this figure.

Most of the Transformers Cybertron figures come with a Planet Key that includes a code printed on the back. Entering this code on the official Transformers web site unlocked additional content. Thundercracker's code is d98d and unlocks a screen capture from the television show along with the following text: Thundercracker is a goofball, and a practical joker. One time, he thought it would be funny to throw a surprise birthday party for Megatron. Little did he know that Optimus prime in a battle had just beaten Megatron... Megatron got back to the base and Thundercracker came out yelling "SURPRISE!!!?" Megatron was not amused. Thundercracker ended up spending the next 5 hours cleaning the Energon-Goodie-Cake out of his joints...

Vehicle Mode:
There are two primary changes made to the figure's deco for its US release. On the center of the jet is a Decepticon symbol tampographed on what will become the left robot arm.

On Galaxy Force Thundercracker, there are several parts that are flat silver. This color is primarily used on the rear fins and the missiles. This flat silver color has been replaced by a metallic silver, presumably to make these parts stand out more.

Robot Mode:
In robot form there are even less differences than the vehicle form. The wing sections that form over the hips are metallic silver as opposed to flat silver.

Sadly, there is one big difference but it's not a good one. The arms on Cybertron Thundercracker are much more loose than those on Galaxy Force Thundercracker. So much so that the cannon arm tends to flop down even when the figure is just standing straight. If you push it into the section under the main body a bit it holds in place, but that's about it. The right arm joint that swings out to the side is loose as well.

Final Thoughts:
I grant this will go down as one of my shortest reviews ever. But there really are not that many changes to the figure. Unfortunately the joint problems are rather bad, especially considering one of them is in the big arm. Given that, the fact is it would cost you twice US retail to purchase the Galaxy Force version. If you are willing to make that expenditure, it is worth it. I also grant that it may just be my Thundercracker that has loose joints. I would put this as mildly recommended primarily for completists and the price point.