Cybertron Toy Reviews: Undermine

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Undermine Packaging art

General Information:
Release Year: October 2005
Retailer: General US (Toys R Us, Target etc.)
Price: $6.99 (Depending on Retailer)
Accessories: Cyber Planet Key, Tail/Weapon


Tech Specs:
Cruel and predatory Undermine serves as a scout and spy for Scourge, unquestioned ruler of the Jungle Planet. He enjoys hunting, and will often
toy with his prey before moving in to rip out its power source with his powerful fangs. Silent, cunning and all but impossible to sneak up on,
Undermine is probably the greatest hunter the Universe has ever seen. The only reason you haven't heard about him before now is that none of his prey
have survived long enough to talk about it.

Strength: 6.5 Intelligence: 5 Speed: 6.5 Endurance: 8 Rank: 4 Courage: 8 Firepower: 6 Skill: 9

Undermine is the Cybertron release of the Galaxy Force Dino Shout figure. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release. Check out the Dino Shout review for a more detailed look at the toy.

Each Cybertron Transformer comes with a Planet Key with a code printed on it. Undermine's code is s48a. Unlocking this at gives you an image of his color chart along with the following text:

Undermine is just like what his name means! He is sneaky, dirty and foul! He would sell his own Grand-Transformer-Spark to make a dollar! In fact, when Scourge had just taken over as leader of Jungle Planet, Undermine did something that truly earned him his name! Scourge had a bodyguard-bot named Shrapnel, Shrapnel was a reliable bot and never once said anything bad about any other Transformer. Well, Undermine took a mini-recording device and faked a message of Shrapnel telling Scourge he was a smoke-ring blowing sissy! Well, when Scourge heard that he was furious!!! Soon enough, Shrapnel was sent packing, and Undermine was placed as Scourge's new bodyguard. What a rotten guy!

Beast Mode:
It may not appear that much has changed with this figure - but in fact the color changes are quite extensive. Sure his overall color is still green, but the shades are totally different. Whereas Dino Shout leaned towards sharp contrast between a light (almost neon) green and a "pea soup" green, Undermine goes for much bolder colors. The light green parts on Undermine are a slightly darker shade than the neon green used on Dino Shout. The pea soup green color on Dino Shout is replaced by a dark shade of regular green. The grey parts such as the panels on the side of the main body are a shade darker than those on
Dino Shout.

The paint deco pattern is the same between the two figures. Gold is used for the claws, the tail and parts of the sail on his back. The metallic light blue color is still present, but is actually lighter on Undermine than Dino Shout. The red color used for the beast mode eyes and the inside of the mouth is darker on Undermine than Dino Shout.

Robot Mode:
The only major parts revealed in this form are the robot head and chest. The eyes are both red, and a dark shade at that. The chest looks very different since Dino Shout's is the pea soup green while Undermine's is the more regular, solid green. Undermine does have a light metallic blue paint deco in the same place as Dino Shout, but lighter.

While you can see this in beast mode, it becomes more obvious in this form that Undermine's claw hands (and thus the beast mode head) has a different deco scheme. On Dino Shout, the upper and lower parts of the interior are painted red. On Undermine, only the bottom has red.

In terms of functionality everything works fine here. All the joints are still tight and the Cyber Planet Key gimmick works like a charm.

Final Thoughts:
While it is not hard to see that both figures represent the same animated character, however the effect of each color scheme is quite different. Dino Shout has a much more subtle look, despite his bright green color. The colors blend together whereas on Undermine they contrast heavily. Neither is superior to the other, this is purely based on personal taste. I like both figures equally, and see the appeal of both. However for collectors outside of Japan I would recommend Undermine over Dino Shout just to save yourself some money.