Galaxy Force Toy Reviews: Exillion (DVD)

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Transformers Galaxy Force

General Information:
Release Year: August 2005
Retailer: Japanese exclusive
Price: $85 (Depending on Import Retailer)
Accessories: Missile Launcher, Missile x 1, Force Chip


Takara often packages special redecos of existing figures with CDs and DVDs to make them more attractive to the buying public. The first DVD set for the Galaxy Force series. The first DVD includes the first four episodes of the series and a redeco of Exillion. My previous review of Exillion discussed his design homages to the classic G1 Hot Rod character. Capitalizing on this design, Takara made this redeco based on G1 Hot Rod. This review will cover the changes made to this figure for this release.

Robot Mode:
Exillion is packaged in robot form in an individual box separate from a larger case intended for fans to use as a case for the first few DVDs. He comes with the standard Speedia Force Chip.

The plastic color swap is very straightforward between the original Exillion and this redeco. The blue plastic parts are now red, the red parts are orange and the dark blue parts are reddish brown. The translucent plastic parts have been changed from yellow to a very light translucent blue. The yellow paint decos from the original Exillion carry over to the same places on this form including the chest and legs. Silver paint replaces the red on Exillion's shoulders. On the chest orange replaces Exillion's metallic blue paint. The center design is painted metallic silver.

I liked the first Exillion's deco scheme as it tried to differentiate itself from "just" being another Hot Rod or even Hot Shot. Also, since he was (at least in name) a new character, it made sense for him to have his own distinct color set. However, as a G1 fan, it is an absolute treat to have a version of the figure in the colors of its homage character, Hot Rod.

A good design choice is the use of the reddish brown color. While the color is not present on Hot Rod, it does fit into the "family" of orange and red colors that comprise this figure (and G1 Hot Rod). The brown also acts as a nice "grounding" color that offers the figure balance, especially since the brown is highly centralized on the torso. The use of orange as both a base plastic color and a deco color gives the figure visual continuity. Silver was part of G1 Hot Rod's deco, and is definitely one that this figure needed to break the red/orange/brown colors up.

The Force Chip gimmick works fine in this form, but since the translucent 'wings' on his back are such a light color, you can almost see through them as if nothing is there in certain lighting.

Vehicle Mode:
In car mode Exillion's one to one color exchange is mostly reflected in the red plastic substituted for the blue. The interior of the car is cast entirely in reddish brown, as is the engine mount on the top of the vehicle towards the back. The tires are reddish brown as well.

The same colors used for paint deco in the robot mode appear here. Metallic silver is used for the sides of the wheels and the top of the section where you insert the Force Chip. Alluding to the yellow flames on G1 Hot Rod, the back section is covered in pointed yellow patterns. The designers resisted the urge to put flames on the hood and instead opted to take the orange color and distribute it on the vent like sections of the front and sides of the vehicle. I like this choice as it gives the figure a cleaner look than flames would give the front end.

Final Thoughts:
In many ways this was the "obvious" redeco for this figure. It was bound to happen sooner or later, and indeed the US has its own version of a "Hot Rod themed deco" in a different pattern (seen in the photos above, to be reviewed soon). However, in general as much as I like this figure and this deco, the cost is rather prohibitive for most fans to purchase. If cost is not an issue, hunt it down via online retailers. If you want a similar theme but have a limited budget, then get your hands on the Excellion figure from Cybertron.