Galaxy Force Toy Review: Gasket "Police Type"

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Transformers Galaxy Force

General Information:
Release Year: October 2005
Retailer: Japanese exclusive
Price: $40 (Depending on Import Retailer, purchased at Image Anime)
Accessories: Weapon, Force Chip


Takara often uses redecos as exclusives to certain stores to promote a new toy line. In the case of Transformers, Toys R Us stores in Japan each received a limited number (some say about twenty) of Gasket redecos to distribute as a promotion for Galaxy Force. Whether or not this is Gasket with a new deco scheme or a different character altogether is a bit tough to read. His name certainly seems to indicate he is just the same character in white instead of red. For the purposes of this review I will just refer to the figure as Gasket PT. I recommend checking out Gasket's review as this will only cover the changes made to the figure for this release.

Force Chip:
The Force Chip included with this figure is the standard Speedia Planet Key with a silver border (instead of the gold a leader would have).

Vehicle Mode:
The color swaps made from this figures' previous release to this one are very straightforward. All the solid red plastic is now white. The translucent red parts have been replaced with a translucent, smokey dark grey plastic. All the black pieces such as the engine in the center remain the same. The paint deco is minimal, with metallic silver paint replacing the gold on Gasket. The only major difference in deco is the section right behind the windshield. Whereas on Gasket it was painted silver with gold on the sides, here the section is left white with metallic silver paint replacing the gold on the sides.

Since no resculpting was done (like adding a siren or similar detail) new decos were added on to make this figure a police vehicle. On the front windshield is the word "POLICE" in white text. At the rear are the Japanese characters for "Police". These same characters have appeared on previous Transformers such as Mach Alert from Car Robots.

The Force Chip gimmick remains the same with no change. Rather than use a combination of silver and some other color on the gun barrels, the top sections are colored white, matching the primary color of this figure.

Robot Mode:
In robot form there is slightly more deviation from Gasket's deco pattern. The primary plastic colors are still black and white with silver, green and white paint filling in details. The robot head is a combination of all three plastics (translucent grey, black and white) with green eyes and a silver face. The chest piece is painted white on the rectangular vent sections and silver on the semi-circle.

Where the deco differs from its predecessor is the waist piece. The thin, triangular sections now have metallic silver deco on them whereas this section was left unpainted on Gasket.

All the joints on Gasket PT are nice and tight and his transformation works fine so there is no indication of mold degradation (and it would be rather early for that anyhow).

Final Thoughts:
Store exclusive toys like this in Japan are generally very simple deco changes and Gasket PT is no different. Because of the high price point I would say just stick with getting Gasket (or his Cybertron equivalent, Ransack). Figures like this are generally best recommended to completists and hardcore enthusiasts.