Galaxy Force Toy Reviews: Gasket

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Transformers Galaxy Force

General Information:
Release Year: December 2004
Retailer: Japanese exclusive
Price: $20 (Depending on Import Retailer, purchased at Image Anime)
Accessories: Weapon, Force Chip


Tech Specs:*
GD-05 Two-Wheeled Surprise Attack
"Even on planet Speedia, where speed is everything, Gasket is the most capable of quick-witted travel. Making use of his diminutive structure, he
has a natural talent for tight-turn racing that can take him through the narrowest of routes. Even in combat, his superb handling makes it extremely
difficult to land an attack on him and is sure to disrupt the progress of battle."

Strength: 6  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 7
Rank: 7  Courage: 7  Firepower: 7  Skill: 9

*Tech Specs translated by Doug Dlin.

Motorcycles are a staple Transformers form nowadays. Almost every major mainline Transformers series has had a motorcycle in one form or another as part of its line up. As part of Galaxy Force's first wave, the representative motorcycle was the Destron, Gasket.

Force Chip:
The Force Chip included with Gasket is the standard Speed Planet chip. With dials and gauges that look like something out of a high tech dashboard, it is one of my favorite Force Chip designs.

Vehicle Mode:
Gasket is a very science fiction style bike, and not one you'd likely find roaring down your block. The front end is small, with a curved front section that has small details sculpted into it such as headlights, ridges and angled lines. The front tire is rather wide, helping the bike to stay upright without the need for a kickstand. As you move back on the bike, it is still very sleek, with angled lines and nice triangular details. The center has a seat on top and underneath parts designed to look like an engine. The rear section is the biggest, due in part to the dual barreled cannon on the back. The rear tire is also much larger than the front, but like the front tire its width helps the bike stand up on its own. The bike slants downward, and you can imagine that any drive would probably wind up having to basically lie stomach down on the middle section to ride it at high speeds.

The figure is made up of three primary plastic colors. Red, translucent red and black. Red makes up a bulk of the form, with black found on the wheel joints and engine. Translucent red is used for the wheels, the front windshield and the cannon barrels. Paint details are done in metallic silver, metallic gold and neon green. The gold can be found on the front end, the inner edges of the front tire and the middle section. The silver is used on the top of the middle section and part of the rear. Neon green is used sparingly, appearing as a small triangular detail on the rear section of the vehicle.

Gasket's Force Chip inserts into the rear section with the two cannons. This flips the cannons back so he can take out enemies behind him.

The front wheel can be moved left and right, which allows for a bit of play (as if the vehicle was changing directions while driving). An interesting touch.

Gasket has a nice vehicle mode. I love the look of the translucent wheels and the way they help the vehicle stand without leaning to the side on anything. Also, being from an alien world it is nice to see an alien take on the motorcycle form.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the rear section with the cannon barrels.
  2. Split the rear wheel in half and swing each half forward.
  3. Flip out the black robot heel pieces.
  4. Swing the rear section of the vehicle down.
  5. Swing the middle section of the vehicle out to the sides to form the robot arms.
  6. Move the middle to lower arm sections down.
  7. Swing the translucent red windshield piece down to form the robot chest. This reveals the robot head.
  8. Place the weapon in either hand.
  9. Rotate the wheel on his back.

Robot Mode:
One thing past Transformers motorcycles have proven is that it is difficult to get a good robot mode from a motorcycle. Often time they wind up a bit bulky or disproportionate. However, Gasket manages to avoid this fate.

From the top, Gasket looks rather bulky, but the appearance is not a bad one. The front of the motorcycle mounted on his back and his wide shoulder armor give him the appearance of a Transformer who is wearing extra armor for combat. When you get to his chest and the rest of his body, everything is rather thin and sleek. Granted, some mass is added by the wheel halves being on his lower legs, but even then they are so thin that I don't mind having them there at all. The head deseign is nicely done, with a helmet-like section that has antennae on it and a face with a serious look inside.

The chest plate revealed during transformation is detailed as well, having two rectangular vents on either side, and then a line pattern in the middle. The sides of his arms have sleek, triangular patterns on them that allude to the sleekness of his vehicle mode. His legs are designed to be very angular, quite different than the typical blocky legs many Transformers have.

While small in stature, Gasket carries a big gun! The weapon extends about the length of his arm when the barrels are deployed. Thankfully, his feet were designed to be wide in front and his heel pieces support the weight of the figure nicely, so even holding the gun he does not wobble back and forth. Gasket can also hold "Energon-standard" sized weapons.

Gasket has thirteen points of articulation in this form, including three in each arm and waist articulation.

Final Thoughts:
Gasket is a cool little Transformer. Whether his aesthetics agree with you or not depends on how you like your robots designed, but overall I think the designers did an excellent job. Highly recommended.