Galaxy Force Toy Reviews: Road Storm

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Transformers Galaxy Force

General Information:
Release Year: August 2005
Retailer: General Japanese Market
Price: $15 (Depending on Import Retailer, purchased at Image Anime)
Accessories: Gun, Force Chip


Tech Specs:*
"Road Storm is one of the bike-mode Transformers that has been threatening the people of Earth. Any human who rides him is sure to get caught up in strife and misery, a situation he enjoys. This Destron warrior is a major nuisance for Earthlings. If you see a riderless bike racing away, be sure to contact me."

Strength: 6  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 6
Rank: 7  Courage: 7  Firepower: 7  Skill: 8

*Tech Specs translated by Doug Dlin.

Roadstorm is an Earth based Destron in the Galaxy Force line.

Vehicle Mode:
Roadstorm's vehicle mode is a motorcycle. Transformers motorcycles have been around since the early days of Generation One. However, the small size of the motorcycle-type vehicle relative to say, a truck or car, often means designers have little to work with when creating a robot mode. Some attempts are more successful than others, with last year's Arcee being a good example of a cool robot mode with a nice motorcycle form.

Roadstorm is more of a traditional motorcycle than the "ninja bike" type. His front end is rather elaborate and has wide handlebars with a large front headlight. Behind the handlebars is a oval shaped section on top with engine detail under it. Large saddlebags reside in the back, giving the bike mode a good bit of bulk. Detail-wise, the sculpting offers just the right amount. On the front, there is a nice flattened grid pattern on the central headlight. Each handlebar has the brake handles and the engine detail is nicely done. It even has the platforms on either side where a driver would rest his/her feet. Towards the back, the left side saddlebag has some tech detail on it which is appropriate since it is where you insert the Force Chip to activate the figure's action feature.

The sculpt is cast in orange, grey and black plastic. The orange makes up the front wheel cover, the oval piece at the middle and most of the back. The black is used for the tires, seat and saddlebags. The grey takes up two tones, a light grey and a dark grey. The light grey is used for parts like the front frame while the dark grey makes up the engines and exhaust pipes. Paint detail utilizes metallic silver, yellow and metallic blue. The blue is used on the front headlight. The silver is on details such as the mechanical bits of the left side saddlebag. The yellow provides the most dramatic detailing, flames on the front tire cover and the oval section. With a name like Roadstorm and being a motorcycle, the flames are a perfect detail to have on this vehicle form.

Insert the Force Chip into the left side saddlebag and an extra weapon flips up from the other side. The weapon's main barrel was actually the tailpipe for that side, and it has three smaller barrels underneath, making for an impressive looking weapon. The weapon is angled upwards slightly, which is cool as it looks like he is aiming at taking down something in the sky or a taller opponent.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the left side tailpipe piece.
  2. Split the lower section of the bike in half and swing them out to the sides. These are the robot leg sections.
  3. Flip out the black foot pieces on the robot feet.
  4. Split the front tire section in half, and swing the robot arms out to the sides.
  5. Swing the wheel halves out to the sides.
  6. Swing up the grey piece on the oval section to reveal the robot head.
  7. On the rear section of the bike, there is a rectangular black piece on the back, snap that into place against the open area behind the robot head.
  8. Straighten out the robot arms and legs.
  9. Attach the tailpipe piece to his hand as a weapon.

Robot Mode:
Roadstorm's robot mode definitely offers a new take on the motorcycle transformation scheme of a Transformer with mixed results. The top section is the more problematic one. In terms of aesthetics, it looks fine. The large backpack looks like he is carrying around extra equipment. The tire halves sticking out to the sides is a bit odd looking - and unfortunately is the source of the top section's awkwardness. Since the tire halves are attached to the robot arms, they limit the mobility of the arms. The arms themselves are on ball joints, and while you can certainly move them around and out to the sides to some degree, the backpack gets in the way when bumping against the tire halves.

I do like the robot head design, while basic, it's visor and chin strap-looking design give the appearance of a Transformer wearing a helmet, perfect for a motorcycle based Transformer. The mid section has four circles on it which (to me) resemble missile launchers. The legs are perhaps the nicest part of the design. From section to section they have an intricate set of details and they are not just simple rectangular blocks. I really like the layers of detail and the angled shapes. They help to give some sleekness to the toy's appearance.

Roadstorm has eight points of articulation, but keep in mind two of these points are the upper arms, which are a bit obstructed. What I do have to give this toy credit for is being rather balances weight-wise, so it does not go stumbling all over the place despite its top heavy design.

The Force Chip mechanism function in robot mode. Insert the Force Chip and the cannon now swings out from the back as a back mounted weapon. I really like the way this works and looks, and it makes up a tiny bit for the obstruction of the arms. It is also good to know that his fist hole are the "standard Energon Weapon" size.

Roadstorm is an interesting take on the motorcycle based Transformer. He is hardly perfect, but at the same time there are some fun elements to the toy. Mildly recommended. If you're outside Japan, just wait for the domestic version.