Beast Wars TV Show - "Other Voices" Part 2

in 1997, Beast Wars

Beast Wars Transformers

Original Air Date: April 1, 1997
Writer: Larry DiTillio
Director: Ezekiel Norton
Script: Word format

Episode Synopsis
The destruction of the world begins. The second moon of the Beast Wars planet has become a giant "Planetbuster" and fires a beam at the planet below. Tigatron and Cheetor stand at the edge of a cliff and stare up into the sky, wondering what is happening. The two are recalled to the Axalon by Optimus Primal who is heading back there himself with Rattrap in tow. Rattrap is quite sure this time that "We're all gonna die!"

The aliens leave the moon to do its work. The Predacons observe this and watch as the moon transforms into two rings, one within another. The smaller ring folds into a circular pattern. As this happens, Megatron begins monitoring the Axalon where Blackarachnia and Tarantulas have already broken in.

At the Axalon, Tarantulas works hard at converting an empty stasis pod into an escape ship. Suddenly, Inferno appears. He manages to set Tarantulas on fire, sending the Predacon running into a wall and finally collapsing, toasted.

Blackarachnia then takes on Inferno. The two trade repeated blows. Inferno uses his larger size and power to try to best the widow, but Blackarachnia's speed and gymnastics prove too much for Inferno as she gains control of his weapon, and blows his head off.

Blackarachnia quickly puts on the visor that Tarantulas had been wearing, intent on finishing the work the spider began. She moves through a "virtual reality" where Tarantulas' laugh is omnipresent and she suddenly screeches, throwing off the visor as if in pain.

The Maximals get to the command center to find Dinobot and Rhinox plastered to the ceiling by spider webs. Tigatron and Cheetor work to get the two into repair chambers while Airazor and Rattrap seek out Blackarachnia and Tarantulas.

The alien machine begins firing another beam onto the planet. This time, it's a super heated beam, designed to cause the eruption of all the energon deposits on the planet, destroying all life on the surface! Sentinel's shields are the Maximals' only protection as the Maximals quickly try to figure out a way to defeat the Planetbuster machine.

Airazor and Rattrap find Blackarachnia just as she finishes the stasis pod programming. Optimus and the other Maximals head down to the stasis hold and convince Blackarachnia to reprogram the pod so that Optimus may pilot it. The Maximals all protest, saying that Optimus will be destroyed along with the transwarp explosion. Each one volunteers to go except for Rattrap who muses as to whether he can have Optimus' quarters if he does not return. Optimus Primal explains he has no intention of dying and will fly back to the surface of the planet once he has accomplished his goal.

Blackarachnia finishes work on the stasis pod and after many heartfelt goodbyes, Optimus takes off to destroy the alien device with a transwarp explosion.

The pod hurles towards the alien device and Primal engages the transwarp explosion countdown. He tries to eject but he can't. He tries again and again, thinking it is a simple mechanical failure.

Suddenly, the image of Megatron appears on the viewscreen. Megatron has trapped Optimus inside by using Tarantulas' programming to his advantage! Megatron laughs and brags as he declares the Predacons the victors of the Beast Wars! Optimus Primal pounds on the stasis pod glass, trying desperately to find a way out. He cannot, and he draws nearer and nearer to the Planetbuster.

The pod explodes, taking the Planetbuster weapon with it. Optimus Primal screams. Debris flies everywhere. Optimus' chest plate flies into space, as does his head still screaming. The Planetbuster has been destroyed, but have the Predacons won the Beast Wars?

To Be Continued...

Comments & Questions

General Thoughts:
The end of the season of most animated shows usually means a resolution of storylines. In its tradition of being (to coin a phrase), More than Meets the Eye, Beast Wars Transformers instead became a cliffhanger which led to more questions than resolutions. That is the main point that makes this episode one of the most memorable in the entire Beast Wars series.


  • The term "Planetbuster" was referred to by Larry DiTillio and Bob Forward, but never said aloud in "Other Voices".
  • Stasis pods are not normally meant to be used for space flight, hence Tarantulas' need for a transwarp cell and reprogramming of the stasis pod.
  • Animation note: Notice that when Rattrap and Airazor both aim their guns in the halls of the Axalon, Airazor's gun is just the same design as Rattrap's with some feathers at the end.
  • When Megatron refers to "Optimuses", he is referring to another famous Optimus, Optimus Prime who also sacrificed himself to save his Autobots in "Transformers: The Movie".
  • Although it is not easy to see, as the Planetbuster explodes and debris start flying at the screen, Optimus parts are actually among the space junk. Slowing the frames down with a VCR will allow you to see his chest plate and head fly by the screen!