Beast Wars TV Show - "Coming of the Fuzors" Part Two

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Beast Wars Transformers

Original Air Date: November 7-9, 1997
Writer: Bob Forward
Director: Cal Shumiatcher
Script: PDF format

The troops on both sides are at the ready, and each side begins the battle with an eruption of firepower! The Maximals are quickly blasted behind a group of rocks however, and do their best to hold their position. Cheetor volunteers to fly overhead, but the barrage of firepower coming from the Predacons prevents such a move.

On the Predacon front, Megatron orders the Predacons to prepare for a final decisive strike. Silverbolt protests however, saying that the Maximals should be given a chance to surrender. Megatron knocks him aside and warns him against questioning his orders in the future.

Meanwhile, in the Axalon, Rhinox continues his mysterious journey through transwarp space, into the other side of the Matrix...

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Tarantulas orders Blackarachnia to find the Golden Disk records that Megatron would have kept as backups. She continues her search as Tarantulas grows agitated, and Megatron wonders who he is speaking to.

Megatron continues the fight as Silverbolt points out the Maximals should have surrendered or retreated at this point. Megatron realizes that they are merely holding the line, and orders the Predacons to push forward. He orders Waspinator and Silverbolt to take to the air and head to the Axalon.

The Maximals go through minor panic as they realize the Predacons have deduced their strategy. Rattrap helps Cheetor take to the air, and then transforms into his vehicle mode to carry Dinobot.

Meanwhile, Blackarachnia has found the data that Tarantulas is seeking, but just as Tarantulas begins to force her to view the information, Dinobot blasts a rock on him, knocking him out. Realizing she is alone, Blackarachnia quickly downloads the data tracks and triple encrypts them!

Meanwhile, in the air, Cheetor and Silverbolt continue their chase and near the Axalon. Cheetor orders the Axalon autoguns on line and they wind up blasting Silverbolt out of the sky. Dinobot and Rattrap catch up with Cheetor, but just as Dinobot is going to destroy Silverbolt, Cheetor and Rattrap stop him, saying that is not what Optimus Primal would have done.

Inside the Axalon, Silverbolt is put into the CR Chamber while Rattrap tries to wake Rhinox up. He manages to succeed, and the Maximals go out for the what seems to be the last showdown with the Predacons.

The battle does not go well, and the Maximals are defeated. As the Predacons move in for the kill, a mysterious figure rises in the Axalon, and frees Silverbolt from the CR Chamber. Just as Megatron and the Predacons are about to destroy the Maximals, Optimus Primal appears!

Firing several rounds of weapons, and taking out the Predacons one by one, the day is won and the Maximals survive to fight another day. Silverbolt finally sees his place is with the Maximals, and Optimus Primal welcomes him to the fold.

Meanwhile, at Predacon base, Blackarachnia "explains" how Dinobot not only stole the Golden Disks, but also destroyed Megatron's back up data tracks. Blackarachnia has plans for the future however as ominous code scrolls in her optic sensors, and the black widow laughs triumphantly.

General Thoughts:
An excellent follow up to a tense part one. Coming of the Fuzors 2 allows us good screen time with the newest members of the Maximals and Predacons while giving old favorites the spotlight as well. With great action scenes and a successful use of the "western" theme, this episode packs a punch to the end.


  • Despite the overall seriousness of this episode, moments such as the "rock blasted into a pebble" add just the right amount of levity to keep this episode from being too grim.
  • Rhinox's journey gives us a look into the Matrix which has been mentioned off and on during season one. However, as we were constantly reminded, making such a journey is dangerous, and probably not done often by Cybertronians.
  • Notice among the items that Blackarachnia tosses out of the closet are: a rubber ducky (which Megatron is shown having an affection for from time to time) as well as a "Starscream head".
  • Although surely animated more for visual effect than any other reason, Rhinox's damaged chest towards the end of the episode is very interesting. Although he has a huge hole blown straight through him, he is still operational and not "destroyed". This would also seem to indicate that not all Transformers keep their sparks in their chest compartments.

1. What is that device Rhinox has built?
When Optimus Primal was destroyed, his Spark went to join the Matrix, a spiritual plane where all the best of Cybertron join together. However, since he was destroyed in a transwarp explosion, the transwarp energies left a path towards the Matrix. Rhinox's machine is his attempt to follow the transwarp energies and find Optimus Primal's spark in the Matrix. The Matrix does not have any known location as it exists in another "plane of existence", hence Rhinox's need to follow the trail. Rhinox cannot just go in and scoop out whatever sparks he wants. This was a unique situation.