San Diego Comic-Con

Toy News: Official Photos of "Studio Series" Transformers Movie 15th Anniversary Decepticon Multipack

As a follow up to the Transformers Movie 1 15th Anniversary Multipack featuring Autobots from the 2007 film, Hasbro revealed a second pack yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con 2023!  The Studio Series Transformers Movie 15th Anniversary Decepticon Multipack features Voyager Class 54 Megatron, Voyager Class 06 Starscream, Deluxe Class 28 Barric

Toy News: Official Images of "Legacy Evolution" Stunticon Gift Set

One of the biggest and most surprising reveals at Hasbro's San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Panel was a Gift Set featuring the five Legacy Stunticons!  Inspired by the gift sets of Generation One, this huge boxed set features a G1 inspired grid graphic and cut out windows where each Stunticon is in vehicle mode.  Fans have had many challenges completing a set of the Stunticons, so this will be a big help to those who have had a hard time finding all the figures in the set.  To help differentiate it from the previous releases, the decos on the figures in t

Toy News: Official Images of "Shattered Glass" Rodimus and Sideswipe

There were a lot of reveals from yesterday's San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Hasbro panel including another upcoming release from the Shattered Glass universe!  Hasbro has been slowly bringing out one release after another from the once-Botcon exclusive line of characters and the latest addition will be a 2-Pack featuring Rodimus and Sideswipe!  Rodimus is a redeco of the much loved Voyager Class Studio Series 1986 Hot Rod figure.  Sideswipe is a heavy retool of the Sideswipe figure that began with

Events: Powerlinx Hot Shot (with Jolt!) and More at Hasbro's SDCC 2023 Breakfast

This morning Hasbro held its annual San Diego Comic-Con 2023 breakfast where key items were shown off ahead of their panel later this afternoon.  Perhaps the biggest reveal for Generations fans is the Powerlinx Hot Shot figure complete with Mini-Con Jolt and Blast Effects!  Check out the pics in the gallery below courtesy of BWTF Friend Emerald Ivy!

Events: Photos of Classic "Beast Wars" Merchandise at SDCC 2023

Hasbro's Transformers display at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 isn't just about current and upcoming items.  With Rise of the Beasts in theaters, Hasbro decided to pay homage to Beast Wars and dug into the archives to display some classic Beast Wars Transformers toys!  Fun note: I lent several items from my own collection for this display and they will be rotated throughout the weekend.  The puzzle you will see in the gallery below is one of those items!  Enjoy the gallery below:

Events: Photos of the Yolopark Table at San Diego Comic-Con 2023

San Diego Comic-Con 2023 has kicked off its Preview Night where select guests at the convention can visit the show floor ahead of tomorrow's giant crowds filling up the convention center.  While I was not able to attend the con this year my friend Emerald is there and snapped some pics from the Yolopark Table. Check out their offerings in the gallery below!