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Wow, I remember when this site was Beast Wars TransFormers! It's good to see the beasties getting new designs for the anniversary, but where is Rhinox? Here's hoping they pick up the Universe line after the movie tie in toys.

As you guys can tell from my

As you guys can tell from my review, my problems with Dinobot have nothing to do with his sculpt but rather his colors. I disagree that it doesn't do anything for the character that other toys haven't. His proportions are a lot better, he has a much slimmer beast mode and the sculpting details match up the animation model very well, especially the head and torso sculpts. I love the fact that he has both fists and "claw hands" and the weapons look great.

I agree that the advance photos of Henkei! Dinobot look awesome, down to the stripe patterns and pupils in the eyes. I'm not getting all the Henkei! due to cost, but he is among the few I [i]must[/i] own!

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From My Name....

It's just because of two things really.

1. I like Optimus Prime and I wanted to incorproate the first part of his name into my user name.

2. The user name "Optimal Optimus" had already been taken by someone on the other board. Plus it's gender neutral so I don't have to worry about things on here. :)

I just recently saw some

I just recently saw some videos of the Henkei figure, and it literally made me salivate.

I actually ignored the Universe figure altogether because of its colors, so the Henkei version's brilliance caught me by complete surprise. Even more awesome is the fact that it seems to be in pretty good scale with the other BW toys (assuming you have Telemocha Primal, and not the original one).

And now, nearly ten years

And now, nearly ten years later, I am once again salivating as I watch videos of a new Dinobot figure, this time Masterpiece Dinobot. Except this time there's no way I'll ever be able to afford it...*cries*

I couldn't agree with you more!

I couldn't agree with you more! The sculpt of the Dinobot figure is magnificent! It only fails in its awful color scheme.

Which is why I really want the Henkei Dinobot figure. Correct colors on a correct mold for the win!

I own all of the Universe

I own all of the Universe Classics figures released so far and Dinobot and Cheetor are two of the worst designs so far. Dinobot can hardly be transformed without something falling off and can't really hold his weapon without falling over. The color scheme I can actually live with, but the transformation problems are inexcusable and don't even add anything to the sculpt that wasn't there before. Cheetor is moderately better by virtue of the fact that he doesn't fall apart, but really!? Ninja stars!? Are they serious with these things?! I was looking forward to a decent reimagining of the "gut gun" but instead I get these ridiculous ninja stars that, again, add nothing to the character or figure. And I've owned original versions of both characters and personally I liked the original toys better. I dunno, I'd like to see them do Terrorsaur, Waspinator, Tigatron (I'd even tollerate it being a repaint of Cheetor), and the spiders. Inferno would be cool too. Maybe a retake on the Transmetal Dragon Megatron.

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Why the Dinobot hate?

Seriously do either of you guys own him yet? Despite some minor color choices, uncolored missile/sword and non rotating tail weapon he's a very good representation of Dinobot. Had wished they had used blue rather than purple paint aps but it's not that far off color wise. I'm content owning this figure over the original.

Back on subject, I too would like a new Rhinox sans mutant head and with a Chaingun of doom from the show. Personal should Universe continue I would hope they would think about rotating series through waves. A G1 character or two, Beast Wars and Beast Machines, RiD, and maybe some radical Unicron era facelifts. I'd mainly want G1 and Beast Wars but Universe is meant to be a celebration of all series. Well the last few waves at least.

I've loved what they've done so far minus the redecos of the Unicron era figures like Leo Prime, Vector Prime, and the various versions of CD Scattershot redecos. Some characters other than Primal,Megatron,and Cheetor deserve some love. Personally I would love a new version of the original Rattrap. Or perhaps a major redefinement of Silverbolt.

I don't hate him

I don't hate the Universe Dinobot figure, just the figure's color scheme. Which is why I really want the Henkei version: show-accurate colors on an accurately-sculpted figure.

Dinobot finally done right

From what I've seen of him, Henkei Dinobot looks extremely well done. Fully show-accurate colors, silver chrome only on his sword/missile, and let's not forget how accurately-sculpted the figure was to begin with as a Universe figure (despite those hideous colors that that version had).

I'd love to see Rhinox get

I'd love to see Rhinox get the Universe Classics treatment as long as they don't horribly botch it like they did with Cheetor and Dinobot. The original toys are far superior in my opinion.

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I don't think they've done a

I don't think they've done a good Beast transformer yet in Classics. I'm afraid to see them try again. For my Beast Wars picks, I'd go with Animated... Blackarachnia and Waspinator rock!