Beast Machines Transformers Toy Review: Quickstrike

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Beast Machines Transformers

Megatron Name: Quickstrike
Function: Reconnaissance/Warrior
Motto: "Robots with courage and character always seem sinister to the rest."


Quickstrike operates best alone. Silent and reclusive. Very intelligent. Extremely dedicated to Maximal cause, though not entirely trusted by fellow warriors. Will only work with Blackarachnia though there's no love lost between them. A true expert at hunting his prey. Impossible to surprise. Can virtually escape Vehicon detection - emits an electromagnetic emission shield and walks soundlessly. Disappears in subdued light or shadow. Best weapon is enemies' anxiety, but sonic howl can blow Vehicon auditory circuits. Loves music.

Strength:Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 8
Rank:Courage:Firepower:Skill: 10

Quickstrike is one of the basic additions to the Beast Machines 2000 assortment. Some original reports listed his name as possibly being Ravage (whom his tech spec is eerily reminscent of) or Wolfang (possibly after the first wolf released in the Beast Wars line).

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Quickstrike is a techno-organic wolf. His color scheme is a nice mix of several colors some may think clash. His primary color is a blue-grey with gold and light brown details. Man parts are translucent blue, including his fou paws and tail. Each ranslucent blue part has detailing in silver. A bit of metallic grey paint is used on the wolf's head, back and the shoulders of the front arms. His beast mode eyes use a bright green.

Just as the other Maximals, Quickstrike is meant to look like he has an organic aspect to his body, but those fans who lean towards a more technological loo will be pleased since Quickstrike seems to utilize more technological detailing than organic detailing. This is most noticable on his four legs which each have mechanical detailing ranging from armor plating to wires. For your organic detail fans, don't fret. On his back is a patch of golden hair and his hind legs have hair details as well. Even the mechanical looking parts on his back resemble a fur like pattern.

Living up to his name, Quickstrike looks like a fast and deadly beast. His face is locked in a snarl and all over his body (most noticable in the hind legs and tail) includes many sharp angles that resemble blades. In beast mode, Quickstrike has seventeen points of articulation. This includes his head, jaw and tail, which can move from side to side.

Overall, Quickstrike has a cool beast mode which looks fierce and is posable enough to be fun.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Quickstrike's transformation by straightening out his hind legs and swinging them out to the sides. Now swing up the body section with the beast mode head up and fold the beast mode head so that it fits under the robot chest piece. At this point you can see his Spark Crystal inside his chest. Next, slide down the body section that has the robot head attached to it. Fold the chest piece down. Now swivel the lower body around and Quickstrike is in robot mode!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Quickstrike shows off a bit more translucent blue plastic and continues to look like one dangerous fighter. Yellow is used for the primary detailing on his chest. All the colors of the toy, grey blue, metallic grey and gold are all utilized for his robot head. More translucent blue plastic can be seen on his upper arms.

Quickstrike's robot head exemplifies the look of the Beast Machines toys by reflecting some aspect of the alternate mode. In this case his face resembles that of a classic horror movie werewolf, complete with hair on his head and fangs. The detailing on his legs is done in such a fashion that it appears he has several layers of armor. Press the button on his left arm and Quickstrike's main weapon, a translucent blue blade flips out! In robot mode, Quickstrike has sixteen points of articulation.

The only thing which some people may not like about Quickstrike is his lack of proportion. His legs are rather short and his arms are huge. This does not dramatically decrease my personal appreciation for the toy, but it is fair to mention this. In my opinion, Quickstrike is one cool toy. A