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Toy News: "Legacy" Speedia 500 Velocitron Leader Class Galaxy Shuttle Revealed?

Thanks to the folks over at TFW2005, we have our first (unofficial) look at what appear to be stock photos of the upcoming Legacy Velocitron series Leader Class, Galaxy Shuttle!  Galaxy Shuttle was one of the Cybertron warriors from the Victory series in Japan.  With characters like Star Saber and Victory Leo getting recognition in Generations, it's cool that another character from that series may be appearing in the toy line!  No officia

Toy News: Official Product Info & Images for "Shattered Glass" Ultra Magnus

Today's Hasbro Live Stream also revealed the next figure in the ongoing Shattered Glass segment: Ultra Magnus!  A retool and redeco of Siege Ultra Magnus, this figure features a new head sculpt based on the Botcon "skull" head design for the character.  But wait, there's more!  Since SG Magnus' colors were based on the Diaclone Powered Convoy (which became Ultra Magnus in G1), Hasbro is also including an alternate head you can screw on so this figure is instead a Delta Magnus figure!  Check out the official product description and images below. 

Toy News: "Studio Series" Arcee, Ironhide, Junkheap & Sludge Pre-Orders Launch Today

It's "Transformers Tuesday" and today that means new pre-order drops!  Today you get the chance to pre-order previously revealed Studio Series figures including Arcee, Ironhide, Junkheap and Sludge!  Check out the product descriptions and images below with links to pre-order.  Remember, using these links helps to support Ben's World of Transformers!