BWTF.COM was established in 1997 following the debut of the Beast Wars Transformers television program and toy line.  Originally dedicated to Beast Wars Transformers alone, the site continued to cover Transformers long after Beast Wars ended.

Now over twenty years old, BWTF.COM is dedicated to covering Transformers in all its incarnations from Generation One (the original 80's series) to any current series. BWTF.COM seeks to offer reviews, images and archived information on the Transformers line to provide an online location for fans new and old to learn about their favorite robots in disguise. The site features reviews of Transformers products and events coverage.

BWTF.COM is owned and operated by me, Benson "Wonko the Sane" Yee, a fan of Transformers since the line's inception in 1984. Over the years I been interviewed by several publications including Mass Appeal magazine, The Associated Press and appeared on an episode of the Canadian television show "Fanatical" in 2007. My first "Beast Wars" series of books was published in 2007 by IDW Publishing and I was a member of the planning team for the Botcon Transformers convention from 2005 to 2016. My hobbies include writing, video games, working out and cooking (but not simultaneously).

I am fortunate to be supported by a cadre of friends, family and an adorable cat named Tigger. For many years, my mighty cat Rhino was at my side as well. Of course, my biggest support comes from the super cool fans who visit this site.