Toy News: Listings Appear for "Vintage Beast Wars" Figures at Wal-Mart

TFW2005 has shared an exciting report today, revealing that Wal-Mart will be carrying a series of "Vintage" Beast Wars figures! Previously the "Vintage" line was reserved as a title for the G1 reissues put out in G1 styled packaging at Wal-Mart as exclusive items. If this line follows suit, could we be looking at re-releases of original Beast Wars figures in "vintage" Beast Wars packaging?

Toy News: Hasbro Unveils "Generations Selects" Transmutate

In a surprise afternoon reveal, Hasbro has opened up orders for a surprise Transmutate figure! Based on the character who appeared in the Beast Wars episode "Transmutate", the character made a huge impression on fans over the years even though she only appeared in one episode of the television show. This figure is a retool and redeco of Paleotrex featuring a new head and a deco based on her colors from the TV show, this is definitely one of the most unusual releases in Selects to date!

Toy News: Super 7 Reveals Upcoming "Ultimates" Releases

Recently Super 7 revealed its line of Ultimates figures bringing G1 characters into the realm of 7 inch figures with accessories. Now Super 7 has revealed the next two waves of these figures via Facebook. The upcoming waves will be featuring a rather ecclectic mixture of characters ranging from a G1 Megatron to Bludgeon! IDW Publishing fans will be thrilled to see that the popular character Tarn will also be joining the line.

Toy News: Transformers Mini-Mates Revealed

In a surprise reveal, BWTF sponsor BigBadToyStore has posted a listing for Transformers Minimates!  Minimates are stylized action figures whose aesthetic calls back to "brick" style figures but takes the detailing up several notches to create something unique and fun.  The first set features Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Shockwave and Starscream for $29.99 with a release date of August 2021.  Check out the images and product descriptions below and

Event News: Bob Budiansky to Participate in Online Event in March

Bob Budiansky is well known to long time Transformers fans as one of the original writers on the Marvel Comics Transformers title that served as the foundation for decades of Transformers stories, characters and ideas.  Now fans will have a chance to participate in a Q & A session along with an interview via Comixplex!  Check out the official information and promo images below: