This section is an archive of the various interviews that has had the honor of obtaining over the years. The people interviewed range from voice actors to writers to animators. These short discussions offer unique insights into the world of Transformers entertainment. is thankful to all those who took time out provide interviews for this site. Interviews are broken up into categories and listed chronologically.

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Voice Actors
  • Ian James Corlett: "Beast Wars" voice of Cheetor (8/99)
  • David Kaye: "Beast Wars" voice of Megatron (12/98)
  • David Kaye: "Armada" voice of Megatron (11/02)
  • David Kaye: "Beast Wars", "Unicron Trilogy", "Animated", "Prime" (6/13)
  • Campbell Lane: "Beast Wars" voice of Rampage (11/99)
  • Scott McNeil: "Beast Wars" voice of Dinobot, Rattrap, Silverbolt and Waspinator (12/98)
  • Colin Murdock: "Beast Wars" voice of Quickstrike (1/99)
  • Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff: "Beast Wars" voice of Predacon Computer (2/99)
  • David Sobolov: "Beast Wars" voice of Depth Charge (11/9/98)
  • Garry Chalk: "Beast Wars/Armada/Energon" voice of Optimus Primal and Optimus Prime (11/03)
  • Dan Gilvezan: "Transformers Generation One" voice of Bumblebee, Goldbug, Hot Spot, Outback, Scamper and more (7/24/04)
  • Blu Mankuma: "Beast Wars Transformers" voice of Tigatron (1/09)
  • Tania Gunadi: "Transformers Prime" voice of Miko Nakadai (10/11)
  • Sumalee Montano: "Transformers Prime" voice of Arcee (10/11)
  • Dan Gilvezan: "Generation One" voice of Bumblebee, Outback, Snapdragon, Hot Spot and more. (6/13)
  • Venus Terzo: voice of "Beast Wars" Blackarachnia (2/16)