Interviews: BWTF Interviews "Transformers EarthSpark" Producers & Voice Actors

On October 18, 2022 Ben's World of Transformers participated in a press junket for the upcoming Transformers EarthSpark show on Paramount+.  I participated in two sessions.  The first was with series producers Ant Ward and Dale Molinowski along with Cissy Jones, the voice of Elita-1.  The second session featured voice actors Zion Broadnax (Morgan 'Mo' Malto), Kathreen Khavari (Twitch), Sydney Mikayla (Robby Malto) and Zeno Robinson (Thrash).  Check out both sessions in the embeds below and hit that "Like" button on Youtube if you enjoy what you see!

Interview: BWTF interviews Paul Eiding (Part One)

Paul Eiding is best known to "Transformers" fans as the voice of Autobot scientist Perceptor but his filmography stretches across five decades including shows like "Fantastic Max", "The Pirates of Darkwater", "Trapper John, M.D." and "Ben 10". Gamers will know him as Colonel Campbell in "Metal Gear" or the Vault-Tec Rep in "Fallout 4".

This is the first part of an interview that went much longer than we originally anticipated so it has been broken into two parts. I thank Paul for being so generous with his time and his deep enthusiasm during this conversation. Enjoy!


Interview: BWTF Interviews Simon Furman

Simon Furman is one of the most well known writers in the history of Transformers fiction.  His involvement with Transformers started with the Marvel UK title and in time he would take over the US title.  Many aspects of fiction Furman introduced have become staples of Transformers fiction today.  Recently I interviewed Furman about his humble beginnings, influences and current projects.  Enjoy!