Ben's Toy Box

Ben's Toy Box is a section of Ben's World of Transformers dedicated to reviews of products that do not fit into other sections.  This can include Transformers collectibles and even toys from other franchises including Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel and more!

Beast Wars Transformers "Megaturtle" Custom
Inspired by an unreleased McDonalds toy design from the 90's Beast Wars era, I commissioned a custom "Megaturtle" figure that became the subject of the BWTF 2020 April Fool's Joke.  Check out photos and my write up of this beautiful piece of work by fellow fan Shawn T.

Beastbox/Megabox MB-22 Kirin (by 52 Toys)
The Qilin is an East Asian mythological creature that symbolizes good luck and prosperity.  This unusual beast became the basis for an action figure by the folks at 52 Toys!

Transformers Figural Bag Clips
Adorable bag clips representing characters from Generations in their "Evergreen" designs as bag clips!

Diaclone Powered Convoy with Powered Buggy (Gig Release)
In the early 80's Italy received a series of Diaclone figures released under license by Gig.  One of these was Powered Convoy, the figure that would eventually become Ultra Magnus!

Rise of the Beasts Battle Master Apelinq Custom
Rise of the Beasts gave us a double dose of Munkee in the opening of the film, so why not take the awesome Battle Master Optimus Primal and make it into an Apelinq?