Collectible Review: Transformers Figural Bag Clips by Monogram International


Ben's World of Transformers was recently sent a complimentary box of Monogram International's Transformers Figural Bag Clips. The Figural Bag Clips are non-transforming and non-articulated foam plastic figures based on the "Evergreen" designs for ten different Transformers characters. These are the same designs used as the basis for the Authentics figures which use the G1 designs as a starting point with modernized touches.

The case box included twenty four figures. Each is contained in a foil pouch, with a cardboard insert surrounding the figure. Since these are blind bagged, this prevents fans from trying to figure out who is in the box by feel. Upon opening the entire box worth of figures, I wound up with two complete sets of the non-chase figures, and one of each of the chase figures. The chase figures are Grimlock in robot mode and Barricade - both original sculpts which I really appreciated! At first I thought the chase figures were just going to be redecos (like a red Bumblebee as Cliffjumper, a Thundercracker from Starscream etc.) but having both chase figures being new sculpts makes hunting for them even more worth it!

The use of the Evergreen designs make sense as they are "universal" enough to be recognized by fans of various eras of the Transformers brand. Among my favorite designs are Shockwave with his giant eye and hand blaster and Grimlock in beast mode who looks absolutely adorable in his "running" pose. I was also impressed by smaller deco details like Wheeljack having "539" on his legs, a callback to the G1 figure!

Each of these figures is made of a sold foam plastic. They're not squishy, but they're not hard plastic either - which is good. Given that these are meant to hang on bags that will likely be thrashed about on commutes and trips, you don't want the plastic too soft or it will rip, but you don't want it brittle and hard enough to shatter. I also appreciate that the construction has layers to the detail. These are not just big lumps of plastic with deco on them. Individual lines such as Optimus Prime's windshields or Grimlock's teeth are actually cut/sculpted details and they look fantastic.  These Figural clips each measure at about 2 inches (about 5.08 cm) tall, so they are also a good size and feel very solid.

Each figure is attached to clips that you can hook onto a variety of bags including backpacks, gym bags and more. They add a visual flair to your bag and also shout loud and proud about your love for the Transformers brand.

Ben's World of Transformers would like to thank Monogram International for partnering on this review and providing the complimentary product for review.  You may purchase these Figural clips individually on Amazon. If you want to take a shot at more than one at a time, Entertainment Earth has both a randomly selected 6 pack or you can just go for a full case of 24! Using any of these links helps to support BWTF.  Check out my gallery of each Figural clip below.


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