Titan Class

Toy News: "Titans Return" Fortress Maximus Surprises Fans with a Reissue

One of the more popular action figures of the last decade was Titans Return Fortress Maximus, a new version of the G1 Headmaster Autobot base.  For years now, fans who missed out on its original release were forced to turn to very expensive after market prices if they wanted one but those prices could go as high as $700!   Fans who missed out the first time will now be relieved to hear that Hasbro is firing up another run of this figure!  In a surprise move, Hasbro Pulse, BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth all put up pre-orders today for T

Toy News: IGN Reveals Official "Legacy Evolution" Titan Class Nemesis Images (UPDATED)

IGN has posted official photos and product information for the upcoming Titan Class Nemesis figure!  This figure was revealed on Hasbro Pulse's live stream last month, but now we get to see the figure painted up properly and posed out showing off its various features.  Nemesis is priced at $199.99 and due for release in Fall 2023.  Preorders are supposed to go up today (IGN says they're up on

Toy News: "Generations" Legacy Evolution Guardian Robot Revealed

It's Tuesday (some would say Transformers Tuesday) and it looks like we have a new reveal via retail distributor Frikipolis: Legacy Evolution Guardian Robot with Lunar Tread!  The long rumored redeco of Omega Supreme and Countdown is now a reality.  It is likely Hasbro will do its own official reveal later today, but for now check out the images and official product description below.  A turnaround video can also be seen on

Toy News: Hasbro Officially Unveils "Legacy" Cybertron Metroplex

Having leaked many months ago, Hasbro has now officially confirmed that the next Titan Class figure will be Cybertron Metroplex! No, this is not the G1 city, but rather this is the character of the same name from the Cybertron series who came from the world of Gigantion where he served as the foreman. The figure represents a significant price bump for the Titan Class, going up to $199.99 with a release date of November 1, 2022.

Toy News: "Generations Legacy" Lift Ticket Revealed

This evening Hasbro Pulse held its live 1027 Pulse Premium event featuring reveals of upcoming figures including Transformers.  Newly revealed is Lift Ticket!  This figure is a redeco of Earthrise Hoist based on one of the Diaclone decos never used in the Transformers toy line.  There was a Botcon exclusive of this character in 2015, but this represents a new iteration of the character (and the sticker on the side in vehicle mode hints as to his sub-group affiliation).  Official ph

Pre-Order Alert: "Combiner Wars" Devastator Reissue Shipping from Amazon in 2-4 Weeks

Back in December 2020 it was announced that another production run of the Combiner Wars Titan Class Devastator was being produced for release in 2021.  While the original release date was January 15th, there have been some delays but Amazon is now listing the figure as shipping in 2-4 weeks.   If you missed out on this figure's initial release, now is your chance to pre-order on Amazon and reserve your copy of this set!  Remember, using the BWTF Amazon link