Toy News: Official Product Info & Images of Comic Edition Autobot Flame & Emirate Xaaron

This past week has brought on a lot of Transformers toy reveals.  One of the most surprising is a continuation of the "Comic Edition" series featuring Autobot Flame and Emirate Xaaron!  These two characters are fairly obscure today, but back during the run of the Marvel G1 comic books both characters made memorable appearances in UK exclusive stories.  Xaaron would then go on to appear in the US comics. 

Toy News: Takara Tomy Reveals New "MPG" Diaclone Inspired Figures

Amazon Japan has posted two listings for two new Diaclone inspired MPG releases: DK2 Guard and Lift Ticket!  DK2 Guard is based off the black and red version of the figure that would eventually become Ironhide in G1 while Lift Ticket is based on a variant of the figure that would eventually become G1 Hoist.  DK2 Guard is priced at ¥17,330 (about $111.98 USD) while Lift Ticket is ¥21,037 (about $135.93 USD).  Both are scheduled for release on February 22, 2025.  For now, c

Toy News: Takara Tomy Reveals "Dramatic Capture Series" Autobot Base Set

Continuing its "Dramatic Capture Series" (the spiritual successor to the "Perfect Finish" series) Takara Tomy has posted a listing for the second of these sets.  This set features redecos of Earthrise Optimus Prime, Studio Series 86 Jazz and surprisingly, Kingdom Mainframe!  Mainframe originally came with the Titan Class Ark but his colors were more based on the Ark's orange colors than the G1 character.  This version heavily leans into the G1 red and blue colors.

Toy News: Amazon Japan Lists New "Transformers One" Action Figures

Thanks to Amazon Japan, we now have a look at some upcoming figures from the Transformers One toy line.  These new reveals fall into two categories.  First we have the Cog Power Change Series which are basically the successor to the 1-Step Changers that have been part of the Transformers toy line for about a decade now.  Also revealed are two Deluxe Class figures.  However, while they are called "Deluxe", they are more akin to the Warrior Class figures in the EarthSpark toy line, focusing on an action feature with