Commander Class

Toy News: New Photos of "Studio Series 86" Ultra Magnus

Studio Series Commander Class Ultra Magnus was recently revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2023.  Now thanks to Hasbro designer Evan Brooks we have new photos of this upcoming figure.  Thanks to several photos on Instagram we now have a look at how well this figure matches up with its animated inspiration.  In these pics you see how the transform mirrors the animation storyboards from the film and even his ability to come apart (only to have one leg placed on the wrong side by a Junkion in homage to the film's animation error!).

Toy News: Official Images of "Studio Series 86" Ratchet & Ultra Magnus

On July 20, 2023 Hasbro held its annual panel at San Diego Comic-Con where they revealed a huge line up of new figures including Studio Series 1986 Ratchet and Ultra Magnus!  Voyager Class Ratchet is a redeco and retool of Studio Series Ironhide.  Ultra Magnus represents a first: a brand new Studio Series 1986 Commander Class figure!  Magnus is sized to carry three Deluxe Class cars and one Core (or Legends/Legion) sized vehicle.  The chest also contains a Matrix compartment complete with Matrix accessory!  No word on pre-order dates just yet.  You can check out t

Pre-Orders: "Siege" Commander Class Jetfire Pre-Orders Reopened at BBTS & EE

The Commander Class was introduced to Transformers fans in 2019 with the release of Siege Jetfire, heavily based on his G1 cartoon appearance and featuring neat gimmicks to boot. This figure was an instant hit and sold out very quickly. Since then, additional production runs have been done that also sold out. BWTF sponsor and affiliate sites BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth respectively have put up new pre-orders for this cool figure due to ship in May 2023.

Toy News: Official Color Images of HasLab Deathsaurus Released

Yesterday Hasbro held a live stream featuring  the reveal of the hand painted sample of the upcoming HasLab Deathsaurus!  That's right, he's no longer a "possible" release.  This figure has been funded and is currently building up numbers to make its first stretch goal!  For now, you can check out the mirrored pics of this beautiful figure in the gallery below.  There are only 12 days left to back Deathsaurus.  If you haven't backed yet, head on over to Hasbro Pulse and throw your h

Toy News: Color Renders of HasLab Deathsaurus Released

The HasLab campaign for Deathsaurus continues to move forward.  Up until now we have only seen grey model images of the Destron leader.  Now thanks to Hasbro Pulse on Facebook we have our first look at digitally colored renders!  These images give us an idea of the deco and tampos that will be applied to the figure for its final release.  Check them out in the gallery below and if you haven't funded Deathsaurus yet, you can do so on Has

Toy News: HasLab Victory Saber Updates Shows Off Engineering Sample

After many months without a significant update, we finally get to see where the HasLab Victory Saber project stands.  Hasbro has posted a video that gives fans a look at the Victory Saber Engineering Sample and every mode for both Star Saber and Victory Leo.  I took some notes while watching the video and you'll find over 50 screen caps in the gallery below.  You can watch the video on Hasbro's site here.

Toy News: "Legacy" Motormaster Images Leaked

This morning brings some exciting news from Daim Choc Reports in the form of Legacy Motormaster photos! Some are official product photos while others appear to be screen caps from an online catalog. These photos show the Commander Motormaster will likely have a trailer that forms the "frame" of Menasor's body with the four smaller Stunticons attaching as additional detailing on the limbs. The trailer can also seemingly transform into a battle station with possible Combiner Wars pegs on it!

HasLab News: Updates on Victory Saber's Box Art

Hasbro Pulse has posted an update for Victory Saber backers! This time out the focus is on the box art progress for the set. The update reveals that Transformers artist extraordinaire, Guido Guidi has been commissioned to create this artwork. It will also incorporate the classic grid lines from the cartoon's opening credits making for a modern take on the characters with retro elements.