Premium Finish

Toy News: Images of "Premium Finish" SS-05 Optimus Prime

After its previous tease of a new Premium Finish reveal, Takara Tomy Mall has posted its official listing for the fifth figure in the Premium Finish line. This time out it is a redeco of Studio Series "Revenge of the Fallen" Optimus Prime! This figure will feature a more screen accurate deco and will include Optimus Prime's blasters and sword blades. The figure is priced at 6,380 Yen (about $55 USD). It currently has a release date of July 30, 2022.

Toy News: New "Premium Finish" Release Teased by Takara Tomy

The Official Takara Tomy Transformers Twitter feed has been updated with preview images of upcoming releases. Most are figures that fans have seen or already have on hand such as Blaster and Eject. The one brand new reveal is Premium Finish Optimus Prime based on the Studio Series figure. This will likely be the Voyager Class sculpt featuring the character as he appeared in the 2007 film.

Toy News: The Next Two Figures in the "Premium Finish" Series Revealed

Thanks to listings on Amazon Japan, we now have our first look at the next two figures in the Premium Finish series. The next two will be Megatron from the 2007 live action Transformers film and Siege Ultra Magnus. Both feature new decos that are intended to bring the figures more in line with their on-screen appearances. Megatron is priced on Amazon Japan at ¥6,160 (about $55.65 USD) while Ultra Magnus is priced at ¥8,917 (about $80.55). Both figures are due out in Japan on December 29, 2021.

Toy News: Product Photos of "Premium Finish" Transformers and a Surprise Reveal

A few days ago images were posted online of an upcoming sub-series of Transformers called the "Premium Finish" series. The series appears to focus on providing new and well, premium quality decos to mass release figures from the past. The first two figures shown were Siege Optimus Prime and Studio Series Bumblebee from the "Bumblebee" movie.