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Toy News: Hasbro Posts "Shattered Glass" Blaster & Rewind Pre-Orders

It's Transformers Tuesday once again and today's reveal and pre-order is Shattered Glass Blaster with Rewind!  The colors in this set are based on the Shattered Glass Blaster versus Soundwave set released by e-Hobby in 2013.  This set will also include an exclusive Shattered Glass comic book.  The set is $41.99 on Hasbro Pulse and is due to ship November 1, 2022.  For those of you who have a bunch of pre-orders, you will want to do some careful budget c

Toy News: HasLab Victory Saber Updates Shows Off Engineering Sample

After many months without a significant update, we finally get to see where the HasLab Victory Saber project stands.  Hasbro has posted a video that gives fans a look at the Victory Saber Engineering Sample and every mode for both Star Saber and Victory Leo.  I took some notes while watching the video and you'll find over 50 screen caps in the gallery below.  You can watch the video on Hasbro's site here.

Toy News: "Generations" Legacy Cyclonus with Nightstick Revealed (Updated with Pre-Order Links)

About ten hours ago, Amazon Australia accidentally posted a listing for a previously unannounced Legacy Cyclonus with Nightstick, then took it down.  The listing has since been restored.  This is a beautiful redeco of Kingdom Cyclonus in the colors of his original G1 action figure!  Also included is a Battle Master redeco as his Targetmaster Nightstick!  Check out the official text and images below:

Rumor: "Legacy" Roadhauler to be released at Walmart

Here is a random piece of news (sent to me via fellow fan Phil Z.).  Without any fanfare, Walmart has posted a listing for "TRA GEN LEGACY VELOCITRON VOY ROADHAULER".  The reference to the Cybertronian colony of Velocitron is interesting and suggests perhaps some type of theme similar to the Netflix releases of the past at Walmart.  Roadhauler started as a one off Autobot appearance in G1 and would later become his own full