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Toy News: Official Images & Info for "Legacy Evolution" Bludgeon and Trashmaster

It's Transformers Tuesday and a slew of new listings have gone up online that give us official product images and info for upcoming releases previously revealed on a Hasbro Pulse live stream!  Among these figures are Voyager Class Bludgeon (based on his IDW Publishing comic book appearance) and a new character: Junkion Trashmaster!  Check out the official info and images below along with purchase links that help support BWTF!

Toy News: Official Images of "Shattered Glass" Rodimus and Sideswipe

There were a lot of reveals from yesterday's San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Hasbro panel including another upcoming release from the Shattered Glass universe!  Hasbro has been slowly bringing out one release after another from the once-Botcon exclusive line of characters and the latest addition will be a 2-Pack featuring Rodimus and Sideswipe!  Rodimus is a redeco of the much loved Voyager Class Studio Series 1986 Hot Rod figure.  Sideswipe is a heavy retool of the Sideswipe figure that began with

Toy News: Official Images of "Studio Series 86" Ratchet & Ultra Magnus

On July 20, 2023 Hasbro held its annual panel at San Diego Comic-Con where they revealed a huge line up of new figures including Studio Series 1986 Ratchet and Ultra Magnus!  Voyager Class Ratchet is a redeco and retool of Studio Series Ironhide.  Ultra Magnus represents a first: a brand new Studio Series 1986 Commander Class figure!  Magnus is sized to carry three Deluxe Class cars and one Core (or Legends/Legion) sized vehicle.  The chest also contains a Matrix compartment complete with Matrix accessory!  No word on pre-order dates just yet.  You can check out t

Toy News: Official Takara Tomy Images & Product Info for "Studio Series" Rhinox

A few weeks ago Hasbro revealed Studio Series Rise of the Beasts Rhinox during a live stream.  However, they noted during the stream that the colors on the figure they showed off were not final.  Now thanks to a new listing by Takara Tomy, we may have a better look at the final product and (hopefully) how the character appears on screen!  Takara Tomy lists this figure at 6050 Yen (about $

Toy News: Official Images & Product Info for "Rise of the Beasts" Mainline Rhinox

As a follow up to the Rise of the Beasts Voyager Class Optimus Primal and Optimus Prime releases, Rhinox has joined the wave!  This figure appears to be a retool and redeco of Kingdom Rhinox.  This is separate from the upcoming Voyager Class Studio Series Rhinox which will more accurately depict the character as he appears in the film.

Toy News: Official Images & Product Info for Target Exclusive "Buzzworthy Bumblebee Rise of the Beasts" Optimus Prime

Yesterday Hasbro Pulse posted an official listing and info for the upcoming Buzzworthy Bumblebee Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime action figure.  This is a different figure than the "mainline" Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime now showing up at Walmart stores.  Pulse sold out of its limited supply in hours, but fear not!  You can still head over to Target's web site and pre-order your Optimus Prime now!  In the meantime, check out the officia