Toy News: Possible First Look at "Rise of the Beasts" Cheetor & Wheeljack Figures

2023 is here and this summer Transformers fans will finally get to see the next live action Transformers film: "Rise of the Beasts"!  Among the characters in this film are Cheetor and Wheeljack.  Now thanks to Vice Grip X on Twitter we may have our first look at Deluxe Class figures of Cheetor and Wheeljack!  These have not been officially revealed yet, so of course take this news with a grain of salt.  For now, check out the images mirrored (with permission) from Twitter in the gallery below.

Rumor: "Legacy" Roadhauler to be released at Walmart

Here is a random piece of news (sent to me via fellow fan Phil Z.).  Without any fanfare, Walmart has posted a listing for "TRA GEN LEGACY VELOCITRON VOY ROADHAULER".  The reference to the Cybertronian colony of Velocitron is interesting and suggests perhaps some type of theme similar to the Netflix releases of the past at Walmart.  Roadhauler started as a one off Autobot appearance in G1 and would later become his own full

Rumor: LEGO to Release a "Transformers" Set

Licensed LEGO sets are nothing new. Among the biggest brands of LEGO sets nowadays are sets based on the Star Wars property. That said, this latest rumor via Promo Bricks is still a surprise. According to the fan site, LEGO will be releasing a LEGO set featuring Optimus Prime! It is rumored to have 1508 parts and will be labeled set number 10302. The rumored release date is May 2022 and the price is said to be 169.99 euros.