Beast Wars

Movies: Furio Tedeschi Reveals "Rise of the Beasts" Rhinox Concept Art

Rise of the Beasts is a fun movie with action sequences that move at a rapid pace.  During the climactic battle towards the end of the film the Maximals transform into their robot modes to battle Unicron's Predacon and Terrorcon forces.  While Rhinox does appear in robot mode in a couple scenes, we never really get a good look at him.  Now thanks to concept artist Furio Tedeschi on Instagram we have a look at his concept art for Rhinox!  According to his description, he used Beast Wars Rhinox as a starting point and i

Toy News: Official Images & Product Info for Super 7 "Beast Wars" ReAction Figures

Super 7 has posted official images of the upcoming Beast Wars "ReAction" series of figures online along with product information.  These retro-style figures are based on the animation models from the 90's cartoon and each features five points of articulation.  Each figure retails for about $20 USD and they are due to ship between June-July 2023.

The first wave features five figures.  Here's the list with sponsor links to pre-order your figures and support BWTF:

Toy News: Official Images and Product Info for "Beast Wars Again" Cheetor vs Waspinator

Takara Tomy Mall has posted a new listing for the third entry in their Beast Wars Again series.  These previously released figures from the Kingdom series and giving them premium decos based on the how the characters appeared in the Beast Wars Transformers cartoon series.  The third set features Cheetus (aka Cheetor) vs Waspeter (aka Waspinator) in beautiful decos that go way beyond what was released in Kingdom!  This set has an MSRP of 7700 Yen (about $57.39 USD