Toy News: "Legacy United" Tidal Wave Up for Pre-Order

It's Transformers Tuesday and with it brings preorders (and new images) of the upcoming Legacy United Tidal Wave figure!   Pre-orders went up on Hasbro Pulse earlier today and he sold out within an hour!  Don't worry however as there are plenty of other places to pre-order your Tidal Wave.  Use any of the links below to reserve your copy of this figure and support Ben's World of Transformers!  I have also mirrored the product information and images from below for reference.

Toy News: "Legacy" Voyager Class Inferno & Starscream Revealed

Thanks to online retailer In Demand Toys in the UK, we have some exciting new images of Legacy Voyager Class Inferno and Starscream!  Inferno will be very exciting for Beast Wars fans, representing the insanely loyal Predacon who was wholly dedicated to his "Queen", Megatron.  Starscream, meanwhile represents the Armada version of the character along with a Star Saber sword accessory.   These have yet to be announced by Hasbro itself, but given that In Demand is an online retailer you can take these as reveals of

Flashback: Photos of "Armada" at the Times Square Toys 'R' Us in New York City from 2003

Thanks to a recent post on Twitter by Transformers artist Don Figueroa, I was reminded that back in 2003 the Toys 'R' Us store in Times Square, New York City had gigantic artwork in its window for the Armada toy line with spectacular Unicron artwork by Figueroa taking center stage! Other characters including Galvatron also appeared. It was a very dramatic presentation for the Transformers brand and quite a sight to see in person.