Toy News: Official Images, Info & Turnaround Videos of "Studio Series 86" Springer and Steeljaw

Earlier today Hasbro Pulse held a Fanstream revealing an assortment of upcoming Transformers releases.  Two of these were Studio Series 86 Springer and Steeljaw!  I have posted the product info, images, turnaround videos and purchase links below.  Using the purchase the links below will help support Ben's World of Transformers.

Toy News: Official Info & Images of "Generations" Comic Book Edition Decepticon Straxus

On today's Hasbro Pulse Fanstream Hasbro announced a figure many fans have been hoping to see for years now: Decepticon Straxus!  This figure is a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive and is up for preorder now.  This figure is a retool and redeco of Kingdom Galvatron featuring many new parts and weapons and a deco based on his first appearance in the G1 Marvel Comics series.  He is priced at $54.99 and is due for an October 1, 2024

Toy News: "Studio Series 86" Bumblebee Revealed - UPDATED

Thanks to what is likely an accidental early posting, Amazon France has officially revealed the long rumored Studio Series 86 Bumblebee!  This figure transforms into a Penny Racer inspired vehicle that seems to blur the line between being Bumper or Bumblebee, perhaps signaling a future redeco?  Either way, check out the pics in the gallery below!

Update (5/14/24): Turnaround video provided by Hasbro added below!

Toy News: Hasbro Pulse Space Bridge Reveals include SS86 Springer and Steeljaw

Earlier today Hasbro Pulse held a live stream featuring official reveals of several upcoming releases.  At the end of the video were a series of "Space Bridge" Reveals!  For those unfamiliar, Space Bridge reveals show generic images of a character representing an upcoming toy release (set against a beautiful graphic of a Space Bridge, of course!).   Today's reveals were (in order):

Toy News: New "Generations" Legacy United Reveals include Cybertron Hot Shot & Vector Prime

Earlier today Hasbro Pulse streamed a 'cast featuring several new upcoming releases.  Among them were official reveals for Legacy United which included Cybertron Hot Shot and Vector Prime!  Check out the info and pics for these figures below.  Next to each name are my sponsor/affiliate links for you to order your figures and support BWTF!