Toy News: Pulse Con 2021 Reveals "Selects" Behold, Galvatron! Unicron Companion Pack

At Pulse Con 2021 a new Generations Selects figure was revealed in the form of the "Behold, Galvatron! Unicron Companion Pack" which features a redeco of Kingdom Galvatron in a deco inspired by Unicron changing Megatron into Galvatron in the 1986 movie!  This set also features a bunch of new accessories meant to go with the HasLab Unicron including ships and mini-figures.  Check out the product info and images below:

Toy News: Pre-Orders for "Generations Selects" Artfire with Nightstick Go Live

A few days ago online retailer In Demand Toys revealed the upcoming Generations Selects Artfire with Nightstick. Most fans thought the figure would be revealed during Friday's fan event, but there was no mention of him. Then today on the Official Transformers Facebook Page announced Artfire officially as part of "Transformers Tuesday"!