Toy News: Hasbro PulseCon 2022 "Transformers" Panel Rundown

During day one of Hasbro PulseCon 2022 the Transformers team revealed figures from Legacy Evolution, the continuation of Legacy in 2023!  They also showed off surprise reveals including Magic The Gathering/Transformers cards and the final Shattered Glass figure of 2022.  Check out my rundown of the panel here (with over 80 screenshots!).  You can also view the stream in the embed below:

Events: Toys"R"Us Returns to Retail at the American Dream Mall (Video & Gallery)

After many years of absence from the United States, Toys"R"Us has opened its first retail store in years at the American Dream Mall.  This was first revealed at the beginning of December, but it has now become a reality!  I visited the store on opening day (its Grand Opening is this coming Tuesday, the 21st) and took photos and video.  You can hear my thoughts on the store in the video or browse through the gallery below of 50+ images.  Please forgive the shakiness in the video.  It was less than ideal conditions to record and I did not have a gim

Toy News: "Generations Legacy" Lift Ticket Revealed

This evening Hasbro Pulse held its live 1027 Pulse Premium event featuring reveals of upcoming figures including Transformers.  Newly revealed is Lift Ticket!  This figure is a redeco of Earthrise Hoist based on one of the Diaclone decos never used in the Transformers toy line.  There was a Botcon exclusive of this character in 2015, but this represents a new iteration of the character (and the sticker on the side in vehicle mode hints as to his sub-group affiliation).  Official ph