Toy News: Tonkanator's Tech Specs Released

Ben MacCrae is a member of the Transformers brand team and thanks to him we have a new tid-bit about the recently revealed Tonkanator: his tech specs!  Thanks to his post on Instagram, we now have some behind-the-scenes thoughts on the Collaborative set and a peek at the tech specs!  Check them out below.

Introducing Tonkanator! This one was fun to create. It’s more of a what if all the iconic Tonka vehicles stumbled upon the Enigma of Combination and formed an #Autobot version of Devastator.

Toy News: Target & Hasbro Pulse Pre-Orders for "Collaborative" Tonkanator

In a surprise reveal, Target has posted a listing for an upcoming exclusive: a Tonka Mash-Up Transformers set: Tonkanator!  The set is also listed on Hasbro Pulse.  This is redeco of the G1 Constructicon reissues featuring Tonka inspired deco.  Even better?  This team is a group of Autobots!  Yes, that's right, this set represents s

Toy News: Hasbro Reveals Second "Transformers/G.I. Joe" Collaborative Set

As a follow up to the first Collaborative G.I. Joe/Transformers set, Hasbro has announced a second set in the series!  This time out the set features Bumblebee transforming into an A.W.E. Striker and he will be paired with Lonzo “Stalker” Wilkinson!  The set is priced at  $68.99 and depending on retailer is either due November 1, 2022 (on Amazon) or February 2023 (other retailers).  The set already sold out on Hasbro Pulse but you can still pre-order it (and support BWTF) using the links below:

Toy News: Target Exclusives Road Rage and Draculus Go Up for Pre-Order Today

Target's Fall Geek-Out Event started last week with Batman related items, now this week it's time for some new Transformers! First is the previously revealed Road Rage, a redeco and retool of Kingdom Tracks. The second figure revealed this morning is Draculus! Rumored back in early summer, Draculus is the next Collaborative figure featuring a crossover between the classic Dracula monster and Transformers.