Vintage G1

Toy News: "Vintage G1" Blaster on Heavy Discount at Some Walmart Locations

As a new year settles in Kingdom toys have begun to hit toy store shelves.  With that comes discounts on last year's releases.  Among them are the Vintage G1 Blaster exclusively sold at Walmart stores.  Some locations have begun to sell this figure for prices as insanely low as $1.45!  The two photos below were taken by yours truly at the East Brunswick, NJ Walmart this morning.

Toy News: Wave 2 of "Vintage G1" Headmasters Revealed

Earlier this year, Hasbro revealed that Walmart would be carrying an exclusive line of Titans Return Headmaster redecos featuring the Japanese head sculpts released during the Legends line. These figures would be featuring recreations of the retro-G1 styled packaging, adding to their "Vintage G1" aesthetic and appeal. While listings went up (and supposedly orders briefly became available) these have not showed up at retail in the United States just yet.

Toy News: "Vintage G1" Headmasters Listed on - UPDATED

A few weeks ago, Hasbro revealed that they would be expanding their Walmart Exclusive Vintage G1 offerings with something (relatively) new.  Instead of reissuing figures from the 80's, their next set of exclusives would feature Titans Return Titan Masters with the Takara Tomy head sculpts, alternate decos and most impressively, recreations of the original G1 Headmaster boxes!  It took Walmart weeks to post the actual listings, and oddly to this day they are still not in stock to order.  They are listed with a price of $19.87 each (which is a very