Toy News: A Shocking Find at Dollar General - "Authentics" Alpha Series Shockwave

While toy hunting in Elizabeth, NJ, I visited a Dollar General store and came across a surprise: Authentics Alpha Series Shockwave!  The Authentics debuted as a lower cost line of Transformers figures at stores such as Family Dollar, Dollar Generation and (on occasion) Walgreens.  These figures use the "Evergreen" design of figures representing characters like Megatron and Optimus Prime without being tied to any specific continuity.

Toys: Official Photos and Product Descriptions of "Authentics" Titan Changers

Revealed in 2019, the budget conscious Transformers Authentics Titan Changer figures were released starting late 2019. These are roughly 11 inch (about 27.94 cm) figures featuring simplified Transformers utilizing the "Evergreen" aesthetics. In 2020, Grimlock joined the ranks of this assortment. These are limited to stores such as Family Dollar and Walgreens. Check out the official product descriptions and photos of these figures below: