Entertainment News: Netflix debuts "BotBots" Cartoon Trailer

Hot on the heels of announcing the BotBots cartoon, Netflix has posted a trailer featuring our first look at the animation and characters in the show! If you have a Netflix account, going to the BotBots listing will auto-play the trailer, but Shawflix on Youtube has uploaded the trailer for a wider audience. Check it out in the embed below! BotBots is scheduled to debut on Netflix on March 25, 2022.

TV Shows: Netflix Provides First Peek at "BotBots" Cartoon

It seems to be the week of surprise reveals as Netflix has revealed the long awaited BotBots cartoon is on its way!  Posted on their Twitter feed, Netflix has posted a March 25 launch date for the show which will feature the small Transformers who transform into every day objects including electronics, sports equipment and even food!  No other information is available at this time but the small screenshot gives us an idea of the look and tone of the show.  More information will be posted as it is revealed!

Toy News: "BotBots" Series 6 Catalog Posted Online

BotBots Transformers roared onto the scene in 2018 with much fanfare. They had a heavy presence at Toy Fair two years in a row and they have been licensed for books and apparel. Many fans warmly embraced this unusual and cute addition to the Transformers brand, but in 2020 the line seemed to have come to a halt. The fifth series of figures was not released in anywhere near the same numbers and even more confusing, they came out at the same time with series four before quickly vanishing from toy store shelves.