Toy News: Takara Tomy Announces "Masterpiece" MP-53+B DiaBurnout

Back in April Takara Tomy revealed Masterpiece Reboost and Skids, two figures based on the "Honda City Turbo" vehicle form originally seen in G1 and the Diaclone toy line that preceded it. Now Takara Tomy Mall has posted a listing for a third variation of the sculpt also based on a Diaclone variant: DiaBurnout! This variant features a new head sculpt and a striking black deco.

Toy News: "Generations" Legacy DK-3 Breaker Official Images & Pre-Orders

Over a week ago it was revealed that the next in the Diaclone inspired Generations Selects Legacy figures would be DK-3, a blue redeco of Earthrise Trailbreaker based on the Takara Diaclone figure that predated Transformers.  Now official product listings and pre-orders have gone up for the figure along with official information and images!  Even better, we learn that DK-3 does have an actual name: Breaker!  Sure it's not the most imaginative name ever, but for those fans who wanted him to have more than

Toy News: "Generations" Legacy DK-3 Revealed

San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is coming soon, and as part of the event BWTF affiliate site Entertainment Earth will be carrying several exclusive items including ribbons featuring various toys.  Via their web site, they just revealed that Thursday's ribbon will feature none other than DK-3!  DK-3 will be a redeco of the Earthrise Trailbreaker figure in blue, a callback to the Diaclone era version of Trailbreaker.  Check out the image of the ribbon below: