Collectible News: ThreeZero reveals MDLX Bumblebee Figure

The folks at ThreeZero have revealed a new addition to their high end collectible action figure line. This time out the figure is a reimagining of Bumblebee! The non-transforming figure appears well articulated and detailed, featuring some elements of his classic Volkswagon alt-mode with G1 cartoon influences. In some ways this figure looks like a more "mature" version of the Autobot who has seen some serious battle in his time! Check out the preview image below. BWTF will post more news as it becomes available.

Sponsor News: BigBadToyStore Announces Bumblebee DLX Scale Collectible Series Shattered Glass Soundwave and Ravage Exclusive

Ben's World of Transformers Sponsor BigBadToyStore has posted a surprise listing for an exclusive Threezero Shattered Glass Soundwave and Ravage figure!  This non-transforming figure is amazingly detailed and features a Ravage figure that can fold up into a "cassette" and fit in Soundwave's chest.  Check out the official product information and photos below.  Then h